Father Rescues Drowning Boy Who Held His Son Underwater

A father says he saved his son from drowning while also saving the child holding him underwater, leaving him with mixed emotions.

The dad admitted as such in the Reddit group r/TrueOffMyChest — a subreddit dedicated to users spilling true stories in a therapeutic manner. u/TheDarkTowar says he took his four-year-old son to a pool. Things were going fine until another four-year-old jumped in in an attempt to get a toy the son was playing with, but he landed on the son causing a dicey situation.

"When I looked back the boy was crying bloody murder and holding my son’s head under the water. I could see my son struggling for air and gulping down water," writes the dad in a post we edited slightly. "I ran as fast as I could and jumped into the pool as no one else was watching and had to pull them both out of the water."

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Following the situation, he kept a brave face and made sure both children were OK. The parents of the child holding his son underwater were grateful for his quick action, but he was left with a lot of emotions to unpack. He says that originally, he was filled with rage when he saw his son being held underwater, but that went away fast when he realized both children were in a dire situation. That quickly turned to worry and panic, and finally thankfulness that he could act quick enough. Yet, after being able to digest the situation, there's underlying anger that he allowed the situation to happen and anxiety about the consequences if he acted too slowly.

While this situation had a happy ending, that's not always the case. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, ten people a day die from drowning intentionally — and children under 14 make up for about one in five victims. Not only that but for every child who dies by drowning, five are sent to the emergency room to be treated for other drowning related injuries. A major issue caused by this is brain damage. So fast action, like what was seen by this father, is key to ensure the survival of a victim.

This was probably an eye-opener to learn about CPR. CPR Seattle says that the life-saving technique should be administered immediately. Those performing should start with two "life-saving breaths" before starting with "chest compressions", cycling between the two actions. They also say mouth-to-nose could be administered if the victim is still underwater.

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