Father Shares His Daughter's Christmas List on Twitter & It's Gone Viral

One father shares on Twitter his daughter's Christmas list that exceeds $10,000 worth of stuff and the internet exploded in laughter.

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Time for Christmas movies, ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas music, lights, peppermint, and greedy children! One father says that he just received his 10-year-old daughter's Christmas list and he thought it was so funny that he had to share it on his Twitter. We don't know for sure, but everything on the list would probably be around $10,000. The internet completely lost it and can't get over some of the things that she put on her list! “My 10-year-old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list,” the father, with the Twitter handle @A_Johnson412. We are so glad he shared it because it is amazing! She also spelled quite a few things wrong, which makes it even more hilarious.

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  • i phone 11
  • air pods
  • New mac book air
  • A real Bunny
  • Hydro flask
  • Clothes
  • Makeup
  • pink pumas
  • Gucci slided
  • Chanel purs
  • purfum
  • asenchal oil
  • American girl doll car
  • New shoes
  • earing julery
  • checkered vans
  • Go pro
  • pink Duck tape
  • gluefood coloring and laundry detergent
  • clothes for bunny
  • 4,000 dollars
  • lol doll camper
  • lol dolls/big sister
  • new doll shalay
  • New shets and cover
  • alarm clock

The entire internet exploded out of laughter. People could not get over how expensive of tastes this little pre-teen has and the fact that she was bold enough to give the list to her dad. People loved the fact that the girl actually put $4,000 on her list without any explanation as to what she would need the money for and one person joked, "she got a plan."Another commenter wrote, "Sneaking in that 4K at the bottom is a rockstar move. One woman wrote, “An alarm clock, Gucci slides and some laundry detergent? Mama has range and her priorities in check!”

The post was shared on November 13 and it has already received over 26,000 retweets and over 130,000 likes. Of course, there were some people who wrote on the post saying that the little girl was a brat and a princess and blamed the father. One troll wrote, "You raised a bougie princess and now you wanna complain TUH. Get mama her Gucci slides and stop playing." Most people just laughed about it and told the dad he better get everything on the list. One person told him that he better get a second job because Christmas is only two months away. One commenter said, "you better get everything on this list, a nursing home can get lonely."

This list gave us a good laugh and we are so glad he shared. That girl is going to be very disappointed when she wakes up on Christmas morning and all she gets is an alarm clock and laundry detergent.

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