The Father Of My Children, In His Own Words

My husband, Stephen, has always been "keeper" material. Well before we started dating, I told Stephen that he'd make a great husband to someone someday. Looking back, he says that remark caught his attention - why was I thinking about what he'd be like as a husband? And years later, when I started seriously dreaming about having children, I knew he'd make a fantastic father figure. There are a lot of reasons I admire my husband. He has excellent taste in TV and film, he is incredibly hard-working, and he is brave in the face of uncertainty. He also has a sexy beard and a respectable amount of chest hair - all of which helped him become a daddy.

Many of our mutual friends go to Stephen for advice - he likes to make you consider a situation and examine it from all angles. That is to say - he's got a unique perspective. Since it's Father's Day, I figured I'd signal boost my favorite father of all.

Best practical advice for new dads?

Hipster Stephen holding a tiny baby Shep!

Don't be afraid to sleep when your partner isn't. Make sure they're on board with it, but if you can get sleep when you're able to, you can support one another to take a break. Instead of being on  the same sleep schedule and everyone being cranky because of the baby.

Also, if you need a five minute break because they just won't stop crying, that's okay. Go ahead, put the baby in a safe place, and give yourself a break.

Baby carrier?

I really liked the Ergo carrier we used when Shep was little. I think it depends on when and where and why I'm carrying them. Are we going to Target? Do I need my hands free? (Note: You'll notice a trend: Stephen needs context. See his Twitter bio.)

How has becoming a dad made you a better partner?

Dad of the Year here, taking both kids on a nice walk.

That's probably a question for you. I don't know. Have I become a better partner since becoming a dad? I feel like I'm failing to juggle things all the time. I can't claim that becoming a dad has given me more time for you.

I guess what I mean is, has becoming a dad given you a greater respect or appreciation for the women or moms in your life?

Father's Day 2018, Stephen Colbert

Yeah, one hundred percent. One million percent. It's very clear that men are not cut out for that job. Carrying, and delivering, a nursing a child is just not something men are cut out to do. Maybe women aren't either, but they don't have a choice in the matter? If the childbirth process was something that men had to be responsible for, I think they'd be very different.

Top baby registry recommendations?

Swaddle sacks. And don't forget about swaddling - even people that know about swaddling forget to try it or use it. The Rock and Play Sleeper that runs for hours at a time. That thing is wonderful.

Favorite part of your Father's Day 2018?

Father's Day, 2018. Stephen Colbert.

I really liked running off with Shep to take pictures. He's old enough to sort of let him wander and I like to capture him doing his own thing.

People have told us to get Shep into child modeling. And yes, I totally sound like I'm mom-bragging, because I am! My husband is a great dad to our two beautiful kids. Even when he is operating on just a few hours of sleep, he finds the energy to play with his son. The amount of time he spends working outside of that Monday through Friday 9 to 5 is insane - and yet he still found time to help me clean. He cleaned with me today, of all days - Father's Day, 2018. When Shepard is two and full of wiggles and climbing with cars and trucks. When Aurora is six-months old and sitting up on her own and loving pureed food.

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