Father's Day Gift Guide For Dads Of Newborns

It's that time of the year again where we get to have a day to celebrate our father's! You get to buy gifts for your dads, grandpas, and husbands! What a fun time! It is awesome to be able to have a day dedicated to our father's. This list of gifts is specifically for those fathers who have newborns at home. They are new at this whole fatherhood thing and they deserve an awesome gift!

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Handprints of Baby

For dads with new little babies, they would love something to celebrate their sweet newborn. One of the most popular and most loved gifts for new parents are clay baby keepsakes. Simply take your baby's feet and hands and place them in the clay mixture. The clay mixture will dry and they will forever have their little baby's hand and feet engraved in the clay. It is such a cute and simple idea! Dad will love it!

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Check out the Clay Recipe Here

Personalized Pictures on Keychain

One simple fathers day gift for the special dad in your life who has recently become a father would be a keychain. You can add a personalized picture of your sweet little new baby that he can put on his keychain. He will love it! Every time he uses his keys he can look at that sweet little picture and remember how perfect his adorable baby is. Also, a special bonus, this is a budget-friendly father's day gift. We all know that finances are sometimes tight when a new baby enters your life.

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Long are the days that dad can listen to his music, watch movies on high volume, or play his video games with the stereo on. He will have to get used to playing games and listening to his music with his headphones. Get dad some good headphones that will let him listen, but won't disturb mom or baby. If you know that new dad is listening to his music out loud than this might be the perfect gift for him, mom, and the baby.

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Soda and Candy Tower

This may seem a little lame, but it is actually really cute and dad will love it! Having a newborn is really tiring and dad is just trying to keep his eyes open. Many parents rely on caffeine to keep sane when a newborn enters their lives. How about getting his favorite caffeinated drinks and making them into a tower? Hey, add some of his favorite chocolate bars on it to make it even more amazing!

Get Inspired: Cake and Soda Cake Ideas

Emergency Craving Tool Box

One super clever and unique gift option is to get a toolbox and put all of dad's favorite snacks inside. On the outside of the toolbox, you can add a cute name such as, "Dad's snack box" or "Emergency toolbox." Not only will he get a whole bunch of amazing snacks and treats that you know he will love, but then he gets a toolbox too! This is a budget-friendly gift because you will be able to choose how much you will spend on all of the snacks!

For Inspiration Check Out Dad's Goodie Baskets on Pinterest

Tickets to a Sporting Event

If the new dad is interested in a particular event then one of the best gifts is tickets to a sporting event. Let him get out of the house and remember what it was like to be without the little one. Yes, he loves his newborn more than anything, but he needs a break. Get him a ticket where he can go and enjoy his favorite team! He will be ecstatic for this gift and he will love being able to kick back with friends for a while.

Check out Sporting Tickets: StubHub

A "Manly" Diaper Bag

Get dad a diaper bag that he can wear without feeling "ashamed." So many mothers get "adorable" and "cute" diaper bags that sometimes are floral or other feminine patterns. Get dad a diaper bag that he can wear that doesn't look like a woman's purse. There are some really awesome and budget-friendly diaper bags to choose from. Dad will be much happier taking the kiddo out and about with his very own diaper bag that looks like a "dad" bag.

Check Out a Manly Diaper Bag Here

Father and Baby Matching Shirts

One of the cutest and most popular father's day gifts are matching t-shirts. Dads love to match with their sweet little babies. There are tons of different options that you can find that would be perfect for dad and baby. He will love to be able to match his kiddo.

Check this out for inspiration: Matching Father and Baby Shirts

A New Hat

Do you know how many dads wear the same gross hat at every single outdoor event? Well, we don't either, but we know that it is a lot. Get dad a brand new hat that he can wear. Maybe it will encourage him to throw away the smelly, dirty, 10-year-old hat that he has been wearing. Get him a hat with his favorite sports team, or favorite college. He will love to wear a hat that represents his favorite team!

Xbox Live/Google Play/Mircosoft Gift Card

If dad likes to have digital copies of games, or movies, then a gift card would be perfect! He would love a gift card! You might not know what he is going to buy with the card, but he will know exactly what he wants to buy with the card. Gamer guys always know what they are going to purchase next!

Purchase Online Gift Cards: eGift Cards

We hope that this list provided you with a better idea as to what you would like to get the dad in your life! He will love any of these gifts and none of them will break the bank! The most important thing about Father's Day is to show the men in your life how important they are and how much they mean to you!

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