Fathers Share How Their Partners Changed After Having Their First Baby

One of the biggest changes in a person's life is having a baby. It's such a monumental adjustment, that it can alter one's habits, goals, or even personalities. So, some men shared how their partner changed after having their bundle of joy.

In the Reddit group r/AskMen — a subreddit where men give each other advice — u/StochasticApostle asked some dads how their partner changed after having a baby.  The results were overwhelming. The thread has now been locked, so Redditors can't share more stories, but there's still a lot of content to go through.

Some were more innocent. Fathers said their partners told them they pee when they sneeze —which, according to WhatToExpect.com, takes around six months to regain total bladder control. Despite that, however, some women who commented say they still have this issue two-years post-birth. While other stories were more serious.

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"My wife's dream was always to be a stay-at-home mom. Now that we have two kids and she is home all the time, I feel like she's realized she doesn't really like it at all," writes one user. "But she has to pretend she does because if she doesn't like it, then her entire life has gone to waste."

According to this user, she's spun out into depression because of this — prompting some users to provide some tips to help her. Some suggested therapy, while others said a part-time job could be a good option to help her get out of the house and develop some kind of purpose outside of her children.

On a brighter note, one user said his wife got "thick" — though he edited it to clarify he meant "Thicc", which carries a more positive meaning. While this got a lot of laughs, it did spark a discussion that was more serious. In fact, many fathers noted that both parents put on weight after having a baby. This prompted many parents noted that a few months after having a baby, both decided diet and exercise is needed. And while it's not an easy conversation to have, both parents do need to take care of themselves — especially when you have a child depending on you and your ability to stay healthy.

Overall, this conversation was an interesting dive into what to expect after your baby arrives. Everyone is different, but there are some stories that repeat, so if you're interested in seeing what will happen when you're officially a parent, it could be worthwhile.

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