FBI Agent Reunited With Abducted Baby He Rescued 22 Years Ago

Troy Sowers was reunited with the child he rescued 22 years ago for his retirement celebration. Without his dedication to his job, 22-year-old Stewart Rembert wouldn’t be here today. There was no better way to celebrate all his year of service than to show him the results of all his years of service.

Back in 1997, Sowers was assigned a case involving a kidnapping. He had only started working for the FBI for a few months, so it was quite a daunting task. The situation involved a woman who posed as a nurse and abducted a newborn baby from a hospital. Sowers tracked down the woman, and with the help of his team, he got her to reveal where she left the baby. She had put him in a box behind a restaurant in Tacoma, Washington, and authorities immediately travelled there to rescue the child.

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22 years later, Rembert is alive and well. Paying it forward, Rembert has also dedicated his life to saving other people. He is now a corporal in the Marine Corps, and he is serving his country just like the FBI agent who saved him more than two decades ago. Without Sowers, there’s a possibility that he wouldn’t be alive, and this is something he will forever be grateful for.

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For Sowers’ retirement celebration, his colleagues invited Rembert to come meet him. Knowing that this was the man who saved his life, he gladly came and was honoured to get the chance to meet him. After an emotional meeting, the two shook hands and embraced. Sowers recalled the case and told everyone at the party that this was one of the best surprises he’s ever received. His colleagues agreed, and they even highlighted how this was one of the best things he’s ever done as an agent.

Agents shouldn’t count the number of good things they do for the citizens of the country. It is their job to keep everyone safe and to help those most in need of their services and skills. Sowers has probably worked on hundreds of cases during his career, and each and every person he has saved will remember him as their hero, even if he humbly denies the title.

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