Yes, My Toddler Eats Fast Food And I Have No Shame

Yes, I feed my toddler McDonald's.

I'm aware that it's not the world's most wholesome meal, and I'm ok with that sometimes. When he's on an eating strike and the only thing I can get him to eat is fries, fries it is. If we're driving around to a million open houses (like we are today), I don't have a kitchen in my trunk.

Probably a mom that was more put together would have thought ahead and packed a cooler with fresh veggies and organic beet chips or something. Luckily for Shep, I'm a #hotmessmom, so he gets to eat Happy Meals every once in a while.

Before you go jumping down my throat, allow me: I don't care. I don't care if you're going to tell me all the benefits of eating clean until you're blue in the face. Chances are I've already read it myself anyway. Most nutritionists will tell you that a healthy diet includes 20% "junk" and 80% good wholesome food. To me, that seems reasonable. Everything in moderation and all that.

I care about my son's physical health. That's why he gets outdoor play time and eats lots of home cooked food. But I also care about his mental health. Too many times, I've seen weird and tortuous eating habits get the best of people. I grew up with a friend who refused to eat vegetables. She would sometimes eat corn - but, considering corn is basically a starch with little other nutritional value, she wasn't getting much of the goodness. I, on the other hand, had open access to fresh fruits and veggies. As a kid I ate so much salad my mom called me her little rabbit.

Now, this isn't at all judging my friend's mom. I'm sure she tried her hardest to include veggies in their meals. Heck, I'm talking about feeding my own kid McDonald's. Let she who is without sin cast the first stone, right? I only share their story because it gets to my point - I want my kids to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food. Food is both fuel and fun. It's meant to unite people and enliven our senses!

Again, all things in moderation. I don't like to make too much of a distinction between "fun" foods and "healthy" foods. After all, healthy food can be very fun! So far, the occasional McDonalds treat doesn't seem to have ruined Shep's appetite. He still loves carrots and snap peas, and he'll nom some broccoli with the best of 'em. He even likes mussels and mustard. I'd rather let him decide if something doesn't suit his palate.

So, at the advice of his pediatrician, I'm going to consistently introduce a wide variety of foods into his diet. What he sees me eat, he will often willingly eat himself. Oh. On second thought...maybe it's not Shep's diet I should be concerned with. Maybe it's my own! (She types, as she eats fries by the fistful.) No shame, mama. No shame.


Do you feed your kid fast food? Have you ever gotten side-eye from a sanctimommy for doing it? Share me in the no-shame zone on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3

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