I Feel Terrible For Kate Middleton

Ok, let's talk about something. So, Kate Middleton gave birth yesterday morning - and by midafternoon she was standing in front of the hospital in a beautiful red dress, smiling at the cameras with her newborn in her arms. I think she was even wearing heels! Though that's not so surprising, as she is stunning and always super chic. Still, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor girl. She had just given birth and here she was in front of a wall of cameras.

And here she is again...

Here's what frustrates me - Kate Middleton is in a unique position to make a statement about postpartum motherhood. Obviously, there's a lot of pressure for people to look amazing after they've given birth, and I think it's a bit unfair to Kate for the Brits to expect visual confirmation of a new royal when the mom still has her dang heplock in. Maybe, perhaps, Kate missed the opportunity to make a statement about the importance of those golden hours following birth.

In case you haven't given birth, let me break this down for you. After a baby comes out of your body, there's a whole lot of other stuff that kind of...just leaks out of you...for weeks. It's called lochia. It's bloody and uncomfortable and there are clots and it feels like slugs are sliding out of your hootenanny when you sneeze. That was TMI, but you get my drift - it's uncomfortable. The pads that they give you could double as a high capacity Barbie life-raft - huge, bulky, and unsightly under clothes. I'm just skimming the surface here - this is only one of many less-than-fun things that happen to mom immediately after the baby is born.

...and again...

So, as a mom who has given birth twice, I am cringing at these images of Kate Middleton immediately post-birth. Maybe it's the doula inside of me, but this feels like a violation of something sacred; those first few hours in postpartum glow with a fresh little one are so precious. I want to grasp Kate's shoulders and guide her back inside, to a warm low-lit room and a cozy robe and slippers. But it's not just Kate - I want that for every mama! Even if it's just for a few hours, I want women to feel obliged only to rest and not worry about appearances. To give their body grace during recovery and focus on solidifying that mama-baby bond in peace. I want that for you, me, and for Kate Middleton.

On a more superficial note, this whole circus of paparazzi photography comes off as pandering to the critics. I can't be sure; in the very least,  it caves to the pressure to "snap back" after the baby is born. Kate looks glowing, and she's also dressed in a modest and stylish red dress. Without fail, there will be comments made - specifically in regard to Kate's physical body and if she looks different hours after having a baby. Protip: everyone who just had a baby looks like they just had a baby. Some women may "snap back" quite quickly, but within hours of birth, every woman has a bit of a bump. There's good reason - their uterus is still much larger than its typical size and is actively shrinking.

Reality check - your uterus has to shrink.

Did that last sentence make you clench your butthole a little? Yeah, me too. I remember feeling almost nauseous - like my organs were floating around all willy-nilly inside me - immediately after both my children were born. Lucky for me, I got many hours of peaceful recovery with each of them. My hope is that every woman can have the same peace in their postpartum hours.


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