Female Superheroes Your Daughter Can Admire

NERD ALERT! I'm about to go full geek on you for a moment. I never grew up reading graphic novels (comic books, for the uninitiated), but my husband did! He introduced me to all sorts of amazing, powerful, inspiring heroes. I've now read some of their stories - mostly so I can understand the context for the modern set of superhero films. DISCLAIMER: I am no expert. My appreciation for superheroes doesn't imply that I am a walking encyclopedia on the DC or Marvel universe. It just means that learning about their special powers has inspired me to identify my own. And, I hope, these super-ladies can give you and your little ladies something to look up to!


With a secret identity as a journalist, Supergirl protects justice in her day job - and her "side gig" as an extra-terrestrial hero. Speaking truth to power is at the heart of female empowerment, and Supergirl reminds us that even outsiders have a story worth hearing.

Black Canary

Her mom was also Black Canary, and for a long time she led the Justice League and established the team agenda. Not in 2018, mind you - but decades ago when women were still cracking into the workforce. Her contributions made our moms feel brave enough to speak confidently to conference rooms full of men, and our daughters will do the same. Even better? Her live-action representation is going to be played by a black actress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell.


Bumblebee is DC's first female African-American superhero - and I admire her so much! Not only is she an amazing role model, but she is a beacon for girls who had never been able to identify with a superhero before. Representation matters! Bumblebee is a regular human, sort of like Batman. She gets her special powers from a suit. But what makes her so inspirational is her brain! With an impressive education as an engineer, Bumblebee became a key contributor to S.T.A.R labs.


As Queen Hipployta's right-hand woman, Philippus was Captain of the Royal Guard. But "trusted advisor" doesn't do it justice. Hippolyta entrusted the care and training of her daughter, Diana (aka Wonder Woman), to Philippus. She taught Diana the way of the Amazons, helping cement the power and glory of Themyscira. I love that Philippus proved the beauty of sisterly love - by stepping in when she needed to, she protected Diana from those who would hurt her. It takes a village to raise a Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman

Have you watched the recent Wonder Woman movie? If not, go watch it. I'll wait.

Ok, now that you've crawled out from under your rock: Wonder Woman's superpower is love. Is there anything more powerful? No. There just isn't. For loads of reasons, I wholeheartedly adore the message of the film. It affirms that women can embrace what makes them women as their strength. In other words, you don't need to be a man to be powerful! Wonder Woman carries The Lasso of Truth. Love doesn't allow people to live in deceit or dishonesty. It wraps you up, tells you that this might hurt, and forces you to come to terms with the reality of the situation. I can remember my mom doing this for me, and I hope to help my daughter accept truth and love as her strengths, too.



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