10 Festive Baby Names Inspired By The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and it could provide great inspiration when it comes to picking out baby names. Babies born in December often end up with names that represent one of the various celebrations that take place during the winter month.

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We’ve compiled a list of cheerful Christmas names, bright monikers that celebrate Hanukkah, and amazing names that represent Kwanzaa. We’ve covered every celebration in this compilation and hope that parents will find just the right name for their little one. We hope that you enjoy this list of festive baby names inspired by the holidays.

10 Christmas

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You can’t get more festive than the name Christmas for your daughter. Not only will she feel like a star every December but she’ll bring holiday cheer to the world year-round. It’s distinctive without being too weird, so she’ll probably be the only person in her class with this name.

Christmas is an English moniker that hits the current trend of seasonal names. It hasn’t seen much action on the charts but don’t let that stop you from snatching up this soft and beautiful option. A little girl named Christmas will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

9 Noel

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Looking to give your son a name that gives a wink to the Christmas season? Noel is a cute choice that could do the trick. This one would be great for a little boy who was born in December. It has a cheerful feel to it that is undeniable.

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Noel is a French name that means Christmas. It’s popular with British parents but we think that it has a worldwide appeal. This charming moniker found a place on the charts in the 1880s and has held a steady pace over the years. Yet, it still manages to be an uncommon option.

8 Imani

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Imani is a stunning name that would be a perfect option for parents who observe Kwanzaa. It’s the female diminutive of the name Immanuel, which represents the last day of the celebration and the principles of faith. We love that this one feels lyrical and seems to roll off the tongue.

It’s an Arabic name that means Faith. This one checks many boxes as it’s a virtue name and is gender-neutral, both of which are very on-trend right now. A cute nickname for this one would be Mannie. You’d be smart to add Imani to your list of possible names.

7 Judah

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Parents who observe Hanukkah will love the name Judah for their son. This Old Testament moniker is steeped in Biblical history and would be perfect for religious-minded families. Judah was the leader of the Maccabee brothers who were the ancestors of one of the tribes of Israel.

Judah is a Hebrew name that means praised. We love that it not only sounds masculine but that it has such a powerful meaning. A strong nickname for this one would be Jude, which of course brings the actor Jude Law to mind. It has an old-fashioned vibe with a modern sensibility.

6 Holly

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A spunky name that evokes feelings of the Christmas season would be Holly. This one pays homage to the winter solstice as well, so it’s a joyful option. Of course, it also hits the trend of being a name that is inspired by nature, which is so popular with parents these days.

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Holly is an English name that is surging on the British charts. It’s not as popular in the United States these days but it was a common choice in the 1970s. We think that it has a timeless feel to it that would suit a sweet little girl.

5 Gabriel

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Gabriel is a beautiful name for a little boy that brings about images of the Christmas season. Spiritually-minded parents will instantly recognize this one as the name of the archangel who brought the news of Jesus’ birth. This one has been a biblical favorite over the generations.

It’s a Hebrew name that means God is my strength. An adorable nickname for this one would be Gabe, which feels so laid-back. Gabriel is a classic option that will never go out of style. We think that it has some serious staying power and you’d be smart to pick it for your son.

4 Eilora

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Another lovely name that is inspired by Hanukkah is Eilora. This one tips a hat to the festival of lights because it has a very poignant meaning. Eilora is a Hebrew name that means God is my light. How lovely is that?

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Your daughter will light up your world with such a unique moniker. This is one of those names that hasn’t seen a lot of action on the charts or baby name lists but that just means that it’s ripe for the picking. This one is sure to please both mom and dad so be sure to circle it.

3 Ori

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An amazing name for a little boy that could represent Hanukkah would be Ori. We love that this is a three-syllable option, which is trending in a big way these days. It’s also a unisex choice, which parents currently love as well.

Ori is a Hebrew name that means my light. This gentle moniker has been around for ages but has managed to stay below the radar. We love that it’s not one that you hear very often and think that it would be an awesome way to show the world just how much your family respects the Festival of Lights.

2 Kura

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If your family wants to give your daughter a name that is inspired by Kwanzaa then you will adore the name Kura. It’s a Swahili name that means destiny or fate. We can’t get over the amazing meaning of this one and hope that you will love it too.

Kura has an exotic feel to it that will make your daughter stand out in a crowd. It’s another option that hasn’t found a place on the charts in the United States so it’s just waiting for you to snatch it up. Sophisticated, feminine, and pretty, Kura is a lovely option.

1 Shepard

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Shepard is one of those names that capture the spirit of Christmas. Why not name your son after the first group of people that God chose to announce the birth of Christ? It hits the trend of being an occupational name but is just old-fashioned enough to be distinctive.

If you’re hoping to give your little boy a unique name that feels festive then this one is for you. A delightful nickname for this one would be Shep, which we think is too cute to pass up. You’d be smart to put dibs on this one before your friends do.

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