Fewer Kids... And 18 Other Things Parents Will Be Seeing Less Of In 2019

The new year is upon us and with it, new parenting techniques. Each generation is different from the next and right now, we're watching as the generation known as the "Millennials" works their magic to raise their babies. It's never easy being a parent and though you'll likely have the advice of your family, everyone always has a style that's unique to them. While we've seen many new tactics and methods, we've also seen plenty of techniques fall to the wayside. With the emergence of creativity and independence, so come the changes that accompany it.

The great thing about parenting is that there are no rules. As long as your baby is happy, healthy, and well-cared for, no one can tell you otherwise. Parenting will depend just as much on your personality as well as your instinct and we often forget the wild card -- Each baby is different. Every child will grow up with their own individual attitude and personality, one which must be considered when adjusting your parenting methods.

The bringing together of these ideologies is what new parenting is born from and with this, we see many methods flying out the window. Here are 19 common practices that we saw plenty in 2018 but are sure to be disappearing once 2019 rolls around. Here's to the constant evolution and growth of parents everywhere!

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19 Fewer Kids


If you trace back the generations in your family, you'll probably notice that while you have a sibling or two, your parents and grandparents had four or five. As times change, so does family size. Millennials are more determined than ever to get ahead in life and do what they can to change the world, paving the path for perfectionist and go-getters. This means they're likely having one or two children but making sure that they raise them in the best way possible. While this obviously isn't the case for everyone, it is the case for many who decide to put their career and lust for life on the same level as a family.

Some couples decide to forego having kids at all and guess what -- That's perfectly okay, too.

18 Crazy Gender Reveals


There's no denying that 2018 saw its fair share of gender reveals. While traditional and fun methods -- such as coloring the inside of a cake or opening a box to release a pink or blue balloon -- are just fine, there are some that have proved to wreak havoc. After one gender reveal was the cause of a fire, it made parents think twice about the extravagance of their reveal parties.

Releasing balloons into the air outdoors can lead to serious wildlife problems, exploding smoke can lead to flames, and anything else that you need pyrotechnics or floating objects for is probably a no-go. Therefore, 2019 will likely be the year of smarter, not bigger.

17 The Milk Bath Trend


For starters, you're talking about a massive waste of milk (for a real milk bath) which is obviously problematic with such an up-and-coming environmentally-friendly generation. Second, this trend can't be comfortable or smell very good after a while, no matter how great it looks when captured on film.

The milk bath photoshoots are something we're already seeing much less of in exchange for more exotic, natural water shoots. There was no way that this trend would last very long after it made an appearance and by 2019, it will likely be phased out altogether. Not to mention, this is a bit of a bad dream for those who are lactose intolerant.

16 Common First Names


We're already seeing this trend skyrocket. While popular names will always be used, we're seeing more and more names that have either been self-created or recycled from a prior era. Everyone seems to be desiring a unique name for their baby which is resulting in a tremendous shift in popularity from names like "Brittany" and "Nick" to names such as "Aria" and "Jasper". This is a great way to give your child a unique identity and ensure that they won't run into someone sporting the exact same first name.

It's a trend we can get behind, as every child should have a unique name with a meaning that's personal to them.

15 Authoritative Parenting


There's a bit of a mixed debate as to whether or not parents will ease off the methods of "time out" and "groundings", but it's safe to say that those are rarely used pass toddlerhood now. By 2019, we're expecting to see much more of an open dialogue, more open discussions, and a basic overhaul in communication between parents and children. Whereas there was a clear distinction between authority and listener in the 80s, we now see more friendship and understanding in the parental relationship.

This isn't to say that those things didn't exist with prior generations, but certainly not as early on as we're expected to see in the following year.

14 Censored Pregnancy Topics


Speaking of open communication, social media will play a large role in communication between mothers and the general public. Whereas many people fear to speak in front of others, social media is giving power to those who have something to say. Moms feel more at ease speaking their minds on Social Media. This will likely lead to an increase in communication and will encourage the general discussion of many sensitive topics. This is both good and bad; whenever you speak about something personal, you're likely to offend someone... However, hopefully, in 2019, we won't see so many becoming slighted by the smallest tidbit.

13 The Solo Parent Taboo


This has been a long time coming but it's likely to be much more fully-embraced by 2019. Single parenting was, at one point, very taboo. From the early 1900s all the way through the 80s, single parenting was either looked down on or perceived with a bit of pity. Now, it's a sign of empowerment, strength, and learning. Not all couples are destined to be together forever and that's okay.

When it comes to children, the only job that parents have is to be stable and loving for the sake of their baby. This is obviously much easier said than done, but we've seen more parents stepping up and taking control this year than not. We've also seen the rise of co-parenting between couples who have split, which is tremendously good news for 2019.

12 Posting Perfect Photos On Social Media


This is a trend that will likely never disappear completely, but it is beginning to wane a little bit. While many parents will only post angelic photos of their children, often leading to the wrong impression for many, we're likely to see the emergence of "natural" photos.

Many parents are now letting go of their fears of capturing their children having a fit, drooling, yelling, singing loudly, etc.... Because that's life! Rather than give the false impression of having a perfect baby who is silent and well-behaved all the time, parents are learning to laugh a little about the things their babies do. Some parents are even using this to ask for advice or share common ground with other moms and dads who find themselves dealing with the same.

11 Parenting With Technology


Yikes, this is a hot-button topic. Our parents frown on the amount of technology that's involved in today's generation, let alone with parenting. It's so easy to give your child a tablet or your phone to keep them distracted while shopping or making dinner, and many don't even think twice before doing it. This has both good and bad effects but remains a personal decision. However, it does appear to be shifting quite a bit -- Parents are getting their children more involved outdoors, with "smart" toys, and with hobbies that are tailored to their age group.

While technology can hold its benefits, it's looking like 2019 will be the year of hobbies and activities rather than iPads and Android phones.

10 Long TV Times


Televisions are becoming something of the past when it comes to parenting. The emergence of other technology has aided in this but there's another reason. Since couples are likely only having one child at a time with no plans to have large families, they're devoting much more one-on-one time to their kids. Gone are the days when you'd plop several kids in front of the TV and in are the days where you plan activities and get your child involved in more. Creativity and hard work are going to be a common theme in 2019, as parents are raising their kids to take the world by storm rather than just watch it on TV.

9 Hands-Off Parental Input


Move aside previous parenting techniques, we've got some independence rolling through. The current generation of parents will be teaching their babies the same independence and responsibility that they learned. This is something that will definitely pick up speed through 2019, as parents allow their kids to be even more creative and choose their own paths. So much more is accepted in society now than when we were kids, and that will create a diverse and interesting environment for children to grow up in. Parents are likely to encourage their kids to be brave in whoever they are, loving themselves before anyone else.

8 Canned And Jarred Baby Food

Reluctant Entertainer

Along with being incredibly environmentally-friendly, parents will probably be opting for at-home baby food in 2019. This is something we've watched grow in popularity throughout 2018 as vegetarianism and veganism has risen in popularity and it will continue to be popular through the following year. You can never be too comfortable with your baby's food and we're slowly heading away from the days where it comes in a jar.

Parents will opt to puree their own fruity and veggie goodness, providing both super fresh and healthy foods for their growing child. It's still an emerging trend but like anything else, it will eventually be commonplace.

7 Less Judgment, More Acceptance


An old-school idea of parenting was that you couldn't be friends with your kids -- You'd be an authority figure and the fun stopped there. While many once believed it was only their job to raise and prepare their kids for the future, many now believe that friendship and personal guidance is part of that. Since the current generation grew up with a bit of rebellion, they're now learning what not to do. This is resulting in less strict parenting, but boosting understanding and the idea of doing things together as well as compromise.

This new twist on acceptance when it comes to being a parent will likely be booming by the time we're well into 2019.

6 Less DIY Parties


Let's face it: DIY parties are a lot of work. The interesting thing is that this isn't necessarily being ended by parents. With the rise of DIY projects come the small businesses that are slowly catching on. Etsy has given DIY-lovers a home to showcase and sell their creations, and they're being noticed. Supporting small business has been an ongoing trend and now, you can decorate for an entire party via a virtual visit to any shop. Projects that would be time-consuming before are now simple and elegant, fun and trendy, or chic and fashionable.

The following year will likely be just as busy as this year was, meaning more and more parents will turn to personalized businesses to take on the DIY projects for them.

5 Move Aside Old-School: Smart Bassinets Are Taking Over


Technology is a wonderful thing. While traditional bassinets will always offer the comfort and ease of putting your baby to sleep, smart bassinets are much more in-tune with what your baby needs. This is one of the many examples of how technology can greatly benefit parents and keep stress levels down during a baby's crucial growth period.

Innovations such as these will keep gathering steam toward the future and will likely explode in 2019. Soon enough, products such as this will replace the old-school furniture of the past. While the word is still getting out about smart bassinets, we'll be sure to see many more filling households in the upcoming year.

4 Traditional Breastpumps


Willow is revolutionizing the way that moms pump breastmilk with their new "wireless" invention. This trend is still sweeping Pinterest and has created a pretty positive buzz along with Freemie, another wireless breastpump company. The idea is that this hands-free device fits underneath your clothing and is wireless, so you're free to go about your normal day while the pump does its thing.

It's a step up from traditional pumps, which require time and effort. This is likely just a glimpse into the technology we'll see in the future, allowing moms to relax just a little more after giving birth.

3 Recognizing The Importance Of Godparents


While 2017 and 2018 saw the rise of formal bridesmaid invitations and even parties, 2019 will be the year of the godparents. The idea of being a godparent is something that has somewhat fallen to the wayside over the years but we're happy to see it making a comeback. Godparents will always hold an important place in a child's life and having an extended family can be a huge comfort. It can also serve as a way to involve your family or friends even more in your child's life, thus giving everyone an opportunity to be a positive and uplifting influence. Invitations and gifts for godparents are going to be the next big trend, as we're already watching them skyrocket on Pinterest.

2 Uptight Parenting Attitudes


There's no denying this one -- Parents are definitely letting go of the stern, authoritative attitude that their parents had at one point. In a world where so much is open and diversity has made an impact, parents are letting go of the reigns a little bit. This means that 2019 will likely see parents who allow their children the freedom of self-expression and exploration. Kids will be free to choose the things they like doing and will get support and encouragement, but not control, from their parents. It appears that it will be a much less strict parenting season with more room for the creative liberty we crave so much.

1 Conventional Photoshoots


All of that creativity needs to come from somewhere, right? Photoshoots will also bear the mark of a new era with creative backdrops and amusing outfits. Babies make the best subjects sometimes, as they never protest their photos. The love for their children and their artistic liberties has encouraged parents and photographers to think outside the box. This has resulted in clever and fun photography, some of which we saw this past year.

By 2019, photoshoots will likely be open to all manner of baby and child photography, leaving parents to be as creative as they want. If you want to dress your baby up like a cute fish and have them "swimming" amongst coral reefs, then why not?

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