Simple Ways To Fight Morning Sickness Naturally

Morning sickness is awful, but there are a few simple tricks that might help to minimize it.

A couple of weeks after seeing a positive result on a pregnancy test, a mom-to-be may find herself paralyzed by nausea and aversions to foods that she used to enjoy. Despite its name, morning sickness might strike at any time of the day, and it might even last all day. It normally lasts from about week 6-12, peaking at week 9.

There are a few easy tips that can help ease the intensity of nausea throughout one's first trimester. And best of all, these are all natural remedies. Expectant moms should try to stick to remedies that are as natural as possible while they're sharing basically everything with their newly developing baby.

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Ginger will become any morning sickness sufferer's best friend. Ginger settles the stomach. This works in all of its forms, so go for candied ginger, ginger ale, pickled ginger… all of it. Additionally, keeping a box of saltines in a purse or backpack can be super helpful. Keeping a little something in the stomach prevents vomiting as it absorbs the stomach acids that could be contributing to the problem.

Follow this mantra: “If a little kid would eat it, I can." Eat plain, simple meals like applesauce or quesadillas. And when hydrating, take little sips. Drinking too much liquid too fast can cause vomiting. However, drinking water can alleviate nausea as well, so just make sure to sip little by little. And even though it feels like the last thing one may want to do, going for an easy walk can actually help. Both the pumping of the blood and the fresh air can help provide a little relief.

Minimizing the effects of morning sickness will help working moms save their sick days for their maternity leave when they really need it. And using all natural remedies like these will put a mom-to-be’s mind at ease.

Morning sickness is rough. There’s a silver lining though: food aversions and vomiting are the body's way of protecting the extremely vulnerable embryo from the many toxins and harmful bacteria we normally ingest. So you can feel confident and strong that your body is doing what it needs to do to take care of your baby to be.


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