7 She’s paranoid. He doesn’t mind.

Her story: Apart from the emotional distress, her mind is also in panic mode. When she is in panic mode, she gets paranoid. She thinks that you don’t find her attractive anymore, that you only see her as a vessel that carries your offspring. She thinks that when you

go out with friends for a drink or some socializing, that you are already abandoning her.

Worse, she thinks that you are cheating on her with another woman when you come home late or go out. It is not uncommon for men to cheat when their wives are pregnant, look it up on Google. And then, when she sleeps at night, she also dreams of your cheating ways. No, she doesn’t like to feel that way, doubting you and not trusting you. Her emotions and mental exhaustion are taking a toll on her.

His story: He can’t wrap his head around your paranoia. Why are you paranoid all of a sudden? It’s not like nothing has changed in your relationship, except now, you have a growing tummy. He can’t just stay at home the whole time because he wants to de-stress with his co-workers and friends after a tiring day from work. After all, taking on the role of a father is something stressful for him too. Going home doesn’t mean that he is abandoning you or preferring the company of others over you. It isn’t his fault you can’t go with him all the time.

This goes without saying that if he does go out, it doesn’t mean that he is cheating on you. Also, your dreams may feel true, but there’s no proof that it is really happening in real life. Cut your husband some slack.

The Fix: Despite so many cheating stories during pregnancy that you read about, don’t believe that you are simply another case. It doesn’t happen to everyone. Also, when your husband compliments you, appreciate him for it instead of throwing a fit. As for the husbands, take initiative to be with your wife and growing baby as much as you can. If this pleases and appease her, give it to her. Your wife is going through so much right now and stress can’t be one of them.

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