8She’s too emotional. He’s insensitive.

Her story: A pregnant woman is indeed emotional at this time. Her hormones are going whack and she can’t even explain the ups and downs of her emotions too. She’s like a ticking time bomb. You’ll never know the right words to say because even if you try to be

nice, it blows up in your face.

She cries a lot, even over little things. She wants this and that and will be disappointed if she doesn’t get her way. She feels like her partner doesn’t understand or even understand what she’s going through—the physical discomfort, the emotional confusion and the mental strain that pregnancy has brought her.

His story: He acts cool and calm, even when he is stressed out just to not make you worry. He tries to get you what you like every now and then, but he simply can’t give in to your every request. You’re pregnant and it’s not like it's your last day on Earth. He cannot understand why you’re so moody. You are happy one minute and then fuming by the next.

He doesn’t know why you have to cry a lot, even when there’s nothing to cry about. If he says you look good, you tell him that he’s just being nice. If he tells you that you’re getting fat, he is rude and mean. Your husband is also on an emotional roller coaster and even if you don’t see it, he feels pressured, scared and anxious too:

The Fix: Husbands should be more patient with their pregnant wives as this is really a hard time for them. They don’t want to be an emotional mess, but they just can’t help it. It isn’t their fault. Their hormones are going crazy and that’s how their bodies respond to it. On the other hand, wives should be more reasonable with their demands. If you feel like you’re being too moody, do things that make you happy or be in a good mood. No one wants to live with a Grinch, not on Christmas time… not ever.

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