Film Roundup Friday: Parents-Only Edition

Today, my mother-in-law graciously offered to come dig us out from under our chaos. She took the kids off of our hands so we could get some much-needed work done on our house, focus on our respective jobs, and hear the sound of quiet calm in our home. Two kids under two is no joke, y’all. The emotional marathon of bearing small annoyances day in and day out can beat down the best of us. Since she had the kids with her, and we had gotten caught up on our tasks, my husband and I snuck away to catch a movie. Specifically, Venom.

If you haven’t caught on by now, my husband and I are both pretty geek. He’s hardcore, I’m hardcore-adjacent. He’s seen every Marvel movie ever made (and I believe every DC, too) - I’ve seen most of them. I’ll add in my take on Venom below, but wanted to take a moment to encourage you to get out there and take some time together as partners, sans kids. Even though we didn’t really talk all that much (that would be rude in a theater), we reconnected in a way that reminded us our pre-kid days. Without further ado: my recommendations for a parents-only night at the movies this week.


Tom Hardy as Venom via Screenrant

An alien life form escapes from the clutches of the nefarious LIFE Corporation. In order to survive our environment, it must infest a host - in this case, unwitting journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). The alien parasite calls itself “Venom”, and takes Brock on a wild ride in an effort to thwart the evil plans of LIFE corporation.

My favorite bits? The humor isn’t heavy-handed and it hits at exactly the right moments. Tom Hardy is easy on the eyes and ears. And HUGE bonus: You don’t need to be a comic book fan, or have watched ANY of the Marvel Universe films to follow along. This is a stand-alone. Will it win an Oscar? No. Is it really fun? Heck yes.

The Nun

The Nun via Inverse

From all of my friends who love horror, this is a solid option and perfect for the fall season. A priest and young novitiate (an almost-nun for the uninitiated) are sent by the Vatican to investigate a suspicious death. Apparently, a young nun had taken her own life - and that’s where the gloom and doom begin. Once they arrive at the abbey, the priest and novitiate enter a fight for their lives - and the sanctity of their souls. A classic battle between good and evil, this supernatural thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t get popcorn. Pick up a snack that won’t spill all over the place when you jump out of your seat.


A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born via TNS

You will not want to miss the 2018 remake of the classic 1937 film starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. A Star Is Born has already received critical acclaim, with viewers praising Cooper’s rendition of Jackson Maine, a troubled singer fighting his own demons. Even though he plays sold out shows, something is missing. Enter Gaga’s character Ally. Ally is a would-be star who is too self-conscious to try her hand at show business. With Jackson’s encouragement, Ally becomes an overnight sensation and catapults to stardom. Meanwhile, Jackson’s own star begins to flicker and dim. The two find redemption in one another along their rocky road. Lady Gaga’s performance has been hailed as “a revelation”. But if you know anything about Gaga, you already knew she’d hit it out of the park.


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