Fire Department Baby Boom Results In 9 Mini Smoke Jumpers In Less Than A Year

A Massachusetts fire department is celebrating quite the fruitful year - and making some pretty cute memories in the process.

Revere, Massachusetts is just minutes from downtown Boston - and while it may not be as well-known as good old Beantown itself, its fire department is certainly making headlines as of late. A total of nine babies were born to members of the Revere Fire Department this calendar year, beating a recent achievement by Oklahoma's Glenpool Fire Department, who recently welcomed seven.

"Myself and some of the other ‘fire wives’ saw [the story out of Oklahoma] and jokingly said, ‘We have that number beat!’" said Jennelle Noll, whose husband is a Revere firefighter. "It took off from there."

According to Noll, from September 2017 to September 2018, six girls and three boys were born to members of the Revere Fire Department - and two were even born on the same day. To celebrate and to make memories for the children to look back on when they are older, the 'fire wives' came together to organize a special photoshoot. But what started off as a small social media-only project has spiralled into a sweet story that has gone viral across the country.

"We (the moms) really only wanted to do these pictures to share with family and friends on Facebook," said Revere. "But it has been so fun seeing our story out there for everyone to enjoy!"

It was a big affair, planning for the photoshoot. A date had to be set, onesies had to be ordered - and of course, you couldn't forget bright fire-red bows for the girls to wear! But it all went off without a hitch, producing memorable pictures of firemen decked out in their gear, holding up their tiny bundles. Even some of the older children got to participate.

Noll went on to say that even though Revere is a big city with a bustling fire department, the men in the regiment share a unique "brotherhood". Many of them grew up together, came up in the fire department at the same time, and have even stood in each other's weddings. They're active in their communities, playing in softball and volleyball leagues, raising money for needy families and sharing some of the holidays' most special moments together.

Now, they have another big thing in common: fatherhood.

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