Fire Lieutenant Helps Successfully Deliver A Baby While On A Family Vacation

A Cinnaminson Fire lieutenant was on vacation with his family when he helped a woman deliver her baby.

Lt. Philip Drangula, a fire lieutenant, was with his family at the Bakers Acres Campground in Little Harbor. He was enjoying his time with his family when he was informed that a pregnant woman was not feeling well. A police officer, who was also off duty, began preparing for the delivery while they waited for the local EMS to arrive.

The local medical responders did not make it to the delivery in time and so Drangula stepped up to the plate. He and the officer were able to help the woman deliver her baby while at the campgrounds.

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The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, but they worked together to be able to make sure the baby was safe and breathing. Cinnaminson Fire Chief William Kramer Jr. wasn't surprised that Drangula helped with the delivery of the young mother. Emergency service workers are never off duty. They may not be on the clock, but they will help in any situation. Not only are all medical responders legally obligated to help if an emergency occurs, but they are happy to do so. Kramer mentioned that the actions of Drangula and the officer over the Labor Day weekend go on to prove just how dedicated emergency responders are to helping others. Kramer said, "they are all to be commended." Thankfully Drangula and the officer were on site at the time that the woman went into labor. Since the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his head delivery was a little more complicated. Officials say that the mother and the baby are doing great.

We love hearing about stories that have such happy endings. It will be such a great story to be able to tell her child someday. The story of Drangula jumping into action really does show that there are still amazing people in this world. Sometimes we all get bogged down about all of the hate, crime, and sadness in this world that we look past all of the niceness, generosity, selflessness, and beauty. We love being able to hear about the good. There is still good in this world!

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