Firefighter Themed Gender Reveal For Firefighter Couple

Firefighter couple using a firetruck to help reveal the gender of their baby.


Gender reveals are becoming more and more common among new parents. There was no such thing as gender reveal parties about ten years ago. People would just say, "it's going to be a boy." And now, couples and creating elaborate parties that reveal the gender of their upcoming babies. We have started seeing couples go beyond the typical frosting colored reveals and they are starting to use basketball players, shooting guns, kicking confetti filled footballs and one couple even had a plane that flew over the sky with the exhaust of the plan revealing the gender of the baby. We just came across one couple who uses their careers as firefighters to show an adorable reveal.

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Kim Catapano and Dan Catapano both work at the Southold Town Fire Department. They wanted to do a gender reveal that reflected their passion for their careers. The couple filmed the firetruck approaching their location. Firefighters got out and started setting up all of the equipment. Kim and Dan grabbed the hose together and let the water spray out revealing pink water. The pink water indicated that they would be having a little girl.


Kim shared the reveal of her gender by creating a video. The video was completely adorable. The video showed the couple finding out they were pregnant and the couple was holding a pregnancy test. Then the video showed photos of Kim as her belly got bigger and bigger. With each picture, it had a sticker showing how many weeks she was in her pregnancy. They then filmed the entire gender. Before Kim sprayed the water she was asked what she thought the baby was going to be and she proudly said, "I think it is going to be a girl." The couple was so ecstatic when they saw the pink water.

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Congratulations to the couple on their healthy pregnancy thus far. Congratulations on finding out that your little baby is going to be a girl! What an adorable reveal. Thanks for sharing.

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