Firefighters Honored With Stork Pins After Successful Emergency Delivery

Firefighters who helped deliver a baby earlier this summer were honored in Richfield, Minnesota.

Finley Erickson decided that he didn't like his mom and dad's birth plan and was going to come into this world on his own time. First-time mom Gina Erickson, started feeling contractions at about 2:30 am on July 5th, 2018. She called her Douala and her midwife and was told to try to labor at home. So, Gina and her husband, Mathew, chose to stay at home as long as they could. At around 7:00 a.m the contractions grew in intensity. Gina began to panic because of the intensity of the contractions. Gina turned to her husband and said, "you need to call 9-1-1 right now!" Mathew responded, "Got It. Got It." He grabbed the phone without hesitation and instantly called emergency services.

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Firefighters, Mike and Brian, showed up within 5 minutes of the 9-1-1 call. They were able to deliver little Finley Erickson. The firefighters were able to earn the highly coveted stork pins. The stork pins represent the fact that they have successfully delivered a little baby into this world. Both Mike and Brian are honored to receive the pins.

Mike and Brian were equipped with a delivery kit, but neither of them had ever used the kit before. However, they seemed to be very confident due to their training and witnessing the birth of their own children. Finley was born at 9:11 am.  He was born not even 30 minutes after help arrived. Though pleased to be granted the pin, Brian said, "you get a lot of praise for saying you delivered a baby, but really all of the praise goes to mom. We were really just spectators. And we were just there to make sure everything went okay. So hats off to her, really."

Babies tend to be on their own schedule and they typically choose their birthday. That was especially true for Gina and Mathew who believed that they had the perfect plan, but Finley "ruined" it. Thankfully, they had amazing firefighters to come and help them deliver their little baby. Gina was such a rock star being able to deliver her little guy at home. Congratulations Gina and Mathew and thank you, Mike and Brian, for helping with the Ericksons' healthy delivery!

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