Firefighters Surprise A Couple With Their Adopted Son

A group of firefighters brought a young couple their new adopted son and it's the most perfect video ever.

VIA Capital Gazette

Baltimore, Maryland couple Michael and Karen Faherty received the surprise of their life! Michael and Karen are Army Veterans. Michael graduated recently from Anne Arundel County Fire Training Academy and is now a firefighter. Both Michael and Karen knew that they might be receiving their son soon, but adoptions are never a guarantee until the parents are holding the baby. Michael and Karen were both told that they needed to stay home on Saturday, because they needed to be inspected before a baby would be able to go into their home.

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A video showed the touching event unfold. The video shows some of Michael's friends who graduated the academy with him marching and singing their fight song. They were marching proudly as sounds of a firetruck and an ambulance rushed by. The firefighters knocked on the door and Michael and Karen came out completely confused. They were staring at their firefighter friends until they saw a man walk up with their baby.


"We've got something for you! A Delivery!" One of the men shouted. The man holding the baby was the adoption agent, Dean Kirschner. He showed them their baby and said, "Here's Your baby boy." Both Michael and Karen were in complete shock and they both started to cry. The firefighters led the couple to the back of the ambulance which was stocked with diapers and things for the baby. Karen said she didn't even know what to do because she was in complete shock. Apparently Kirschner is known for surprising his families in big ways and he wanted the couple to be completely surprised. They have been going through the adoption process for over a year and so he knew that it needed to be a big celebration.

Many people commented on the fact the Kirschner didn't hand their baby to them right away. They said that it's their baby and that they were waiting for so long that he should have immediately handed them their new son. He said in his experience it's safer for the baby to wait until the parent's adrenaline to slow down. Most parents are in complete shock and many don't even know what to do. Handing them a newborn baby (where many haven't even held a newborn) right away isn't the smartest thing. He has been doing this for many many years and so he definitely knows what he's doing! Congratulations to the new couple and we are so excited for you and your new little baby boy!

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