First Baby With Downs Named 2018 Gerber Baby

The 2018 Gerber baby has been named and for the first time it is an adorable little tyke with Downs Syndrome.

Lucas Warren has been named the Gerber baby for 2018, an honor that essentially means he is “America’s Cutest Baby”. He is the first baby with Downs syndrome to hold the title, but one look at him and it is easy to see why he won. This little guy has the cutest smile ever.

Gerber received over 140,000 photos, submitted by parents determined to have their baby be the 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby. The 18-month-old from Dalton, Georgia was submitted by his mother Cortney Warren. She posted a photo of her son with a huge smile on his face, dressed in a bow tie as they headed off to church. Warren tagged Gerber and the little boy’s smile won them over.

“Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s long-standing heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby. This year, Lucas is the perfect fit,” said chief executive and president of Gerber, Bill Partyka.

Besides holding the amazing title, the family also wins $50,000 prize. Plus, Lucas will be featured on Gerber’s social media channels throughout the year. The adorable little guy is the 8th winner of the Gerber baby search contest, but the first one with Downs Syndrome to win.

His mother hopes his new position will help bring more understanding for children with conditions like Lucas. However, Warren also wants her son to be known for his other amazing qualities such as being funny, outgoing, and a music-loving child.

“He is the kind of kid, she said, who senses if someone is upset, and will go over and deliver "a big, old sloppy kiss," she shared with The Washington Post.

Jason Warren, Lucas’ father, is also proud of the honor given to his son. He also believes his son will be an amazing role model for all people, not just those with the same condition as Lucas.

“We hope this will help people kick-start their own lives and give them more confidence. They might think that if Lucas can do this, what can I do in my own life?” he shared.

Lucas Warren is Gerber’s 2018 Spokesbaby and he is as cute as they come!

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