Fit Mama Drama: I Joined A Gym To Escape My Children

In high school I was relatively active. I played a few sports but spent most of m time dancing and singing in the show choir. But once I got to college,  very quickly put on the freshman fifteen - probably an understatement. After I developed PCOS, I realized I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and stay inactive without packing on the pounds. Post-two-kids, my body has changed in a lot of ways. I don't mean to imply that I'm self-hating; instead, I am more specifically referring to the actual function and fitness level my body currently has.

Running around after two kids is a really good way to maintain your weight - as long as you have time to balance it out with appropriate nutrition. But who has time for good nutrition when you're running around after two kids? I certainly don't! Or, more accurately - I'm not perfect about it.

Sitting is about as strenuous as I can get right now. via Livestrong

So I've set out on a new mission. Today is day one. I haven't shared this here because I don't want this to be just a series of me complaining about how my children have broken my physical body and strained my mental health. That is true - but I love them, and I'd rather that be the focus of my energy in my day-to-day as a parent.

Ever since I got pregnant with my second, Rory, my feet, hips, and back have been in serious, constant pain. It has progressively gotten worse to where I can no longer carry on a semblance of normal activities. It's hard for to stand to do dishes, it's hard for me to get up and down to pick things up off the floor. As simple as that sounds: bending over, picking something up, and carrying it to a different location is physically rough on my busted up bod. And that's not why my house is a mess, like you might think. My house is a mess because I'm not great with organization.

Look, it's me working out! via Bustle

If I want to get back to a place where my body can function like it used to - like it's supposed to - then I need to put in the work. It took three years to get my body to the way it is today - it probably will take almost as long to restore my health. Sure, I'd like that recovery process to happen faster! But I've got to start somewhere; if I don't start today, I'll be geriatric and too old to exercise by the time I "find the time".

This is my fit mama drama. How do I find time for myself to focus on my health? Being active - even if it's just walking for twenty minutes a day, every day - is so crucial to preventing a host of health problems. I know for myself it helps calm my mind to get a few moments of solitude as I get lost in the rhythm of walking. Of course, with my feet being in pain, I haven't been able to do that for a long time now. If I start slow, and I listen to what my body is telling me, I can get back to a place where it doesn't hurt to walk.

I am so touched out, I'm even annoyed that this woman is smiling. via Parents

Today, out of desperation to get some time away from the kids, I signed up for a gym membership. It doesn't cost a ton of money and my hope is that I will be able to use this as a $20/month investment in me. I really struggle to put myself first at all - and I haven't put a priority on my physical fitness since before I got pregnant with my son. My son, who is now over two years old. This gym has some really great benefits and cool gadgets, but my favorite of all? The long, hot, uninterrupted showers.



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