New Fitness Gear Created For Pregnant Women Can Help Decrease 'Bump Bounce' By Half

In one of the most exciting developments for exercise and pregnant women, a new piece of sportswear has been designed to specifically help aid with bump bounce. According to new research from Portsmouth University, the average pregnant woman can experience around 6.2 cm of bump movement while wearing unbranded fitness clothes. However, after testing women wearing a specialized form of fitness sportswear, many of these pregnant women only experienced movement of around 3.8 cm.

Many of these researchers have been fascinated with biomechanics for years, and they have previously tested chest bounce from women's bras and the military. The special sportswear, from a company called FittaManna, is designed to help women feel more at ease during their workouts. As many mothers can attest, experiencing bump bounce can be uncomfortable, and also alarming for some pregnant women. As these researchers have shown, the FittaMamma maternity wear yielded a decrease in bounce by nearly half, clocking in at roughly 48 percent less bounce.


Although the research was not officially published in a journal, four women were tested, who were all five months pregnant, and all around the average age of 32 years old. For the testing procedure, they were asked to stand, walk and run while using the FittaMamma clothes. In comparison, the women also tried leggings from the Blooming Marvellous brand, and also sported a basic H&M tank top. All of the women were previously experienced with exercising regularly. According to the women in the study, they ranked the level of back support from the FittaMamma fear at 8.25 out of 10, while the unbranded clothing was ranked at a low score of 3.5. In terms of pelvic girdle support for the hip area, the women praised the FittaMamma clothing with a score of 8.75, while the control gear came in at 3.25. In an exciting new reveal, all of the ladies expressed that they felt more confident during exercise with the bump support.

Recently, our team reported new guidelines deeming that exercise is, in fact, safe for pregnant women. Although there are many misconceptions to be found online, new research has proven that exercise is safe for healthy, pregnant women. However, each woman's journey is different, and there are a variety of different barriers to overcome when it comes to exercise. Pregnancy can often cause symptoms of discomfort and pain, including specific areas of the lower back and pelvic area. However, as the founders of FittaMamma note, using supportive fitness gear can actually help reduce the amount of bounce, and also subsequent symptoms of discomfort. “It fully vindicates what we believed, and we are hoping this will empower more women to keep exercising through their pregnancies. The benefits of staying active are compelling and it's a dreadful shame so many women stop exercising once they become pregnant.” McCabe, one of the founders, shared. “Our aim is to remove the barriers to pregnancy fitness so women can continue to exercise with confidence and support.”

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