This Fitness Influencer Was Body Shamed Over Her Big Baby Bump

Fitness Influencer shares that she was body shamed when she was pregnant with her second child.

Why must we always shame pregnant women? It seems that no matter who posts a picture of their beautiful baby bump they are flooded with negative comments about the size of their belly! If people aren't making fun of the baby being "too small" and asking questions like, "are you even pregnant?" They are commenting about how "big" she is and asking things like, "are you having twins?". Some women have even complained about people asking if they have gestational diabetes just because the size of the belly is larger. One woman, famous for her fitness, has shared that she was shamed for the size of her belly! You guys, this just has to stop!

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Hannah Polites shared that during her first Pregnancy she was constantly being criticized for how small she was. People would suggest she wasn't having a healthy pregnancy because her bump was just too small. Now that she has given birth to her second child, Arlo, she opened up about her being shamed during her second pregnancy as well. This time because she was too big! People were always asking if there was just one in there.

It's a weird phenomenon where people don't really comment on other people's bodies until they get pregnant. Then she is free game to hear everybody's opinions about her weight, diet, exercise, and habits. People seem to lose their filter when they see a pregnant woman and feel that they have to comment on her swollen ankles and the size of her bump. The only thing acceptable to say to a pregnant woman is, "you're beautiful. Here's a cupcake." That's it!

Thankfully, Polites was in good spirits and said that she refused to let any of the comments bother her. She knew she was healthy and that her body was going to get as big as it needs to take care of her son. She then went on to say that she is in no rush to get back into shape and refuses to exercise or focus on "bouncing back" until her body tells her that she is able to do so. She already can tell that her body isn't going to be as easy to get back after this second baby. However, she doesn't care. She would do it over again for her perfect baby boy.

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