Fitness Model Blasts Social Media Troll Who Asked Her If She's Pregnant

It isn't a wise decision to ask a woman if she's pregnant. It's bad enough if you do this to someone you know- but to ask a complete stranger such a personal question is an even worse idea. If you don't think that asking this question or pushing someone you know or don't know when they're going to have a baby is wrong, then Katie Lolas, 32, has something to say about that.

Lolas is a teacher, fitness model and small-time Instagram influencer from Sydney, Australia. She currently has over 160 000 followers, where she shares photos and Stories of her fitness journey and meal prep routine. Her profile is one of positivity, motivation, and self-love. But recently, she slammed an online troll who asked her if she's pregnant.

In response to the invasive question, Lolas took to Instagram to share a post that consisted of six separate images of her wearing the same outfit. She had on a blue patterned crop top and matching leggings in each individual shot. All six photos showed off Lolas' gorgeous body at different flattering and unflattering angles.

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"Asking a woman if she’s pregnant isn’t nice. I know most people mean well, but it’s completely inappropriate. Pointing out what you might perceive as a ‘baby bump’ is not cool. It’s actually quite rude. Asking a couple when they want to have children should also be off limits. It’s not like they can click their fingers and make a baby appear. This topic is deeply personal and loaded for most couples and quite frankly it’s none of your business. Please don’t ask. Anyone. Ever. This is my body. It looks different depending on what I’m wearing. What angle a photo is taken. I have lumps, bumps and everything in between. FYI I’m not pregnant. This is what a perfectly healthy belly looks like. I’ll let you know in my own time when it happens for us," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

As of now, this post has garnered over 6400 likes and over 260 comments. Many of the comments are in support of Lolas' message. A lot of followers even went so far as to share their own horror stories of someone they didn't know asking if they were pregnant. Some were creeped out, while others were hurt by the question due to personal issues that they were going through when asked (i.e. a miscarriage).

Lolas has admitted to suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) before, which may explain why her body looks the way it does. Regardless, that doesn't give anyone the right to ask such a personal question, let alone a total stranger. We think her message of not asking women if they're pregnant is a great one. Here's hoping that fewer people ask this question in the future.

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