This Handy Alternative To 'Five More Minutes' Could Defuse A Tantrum Or Two

Every parent has said "five more minutes" to their children when it's almost time to go, but is there a better way to warn your kids that the fun is almost over?

Most children want to play all day and all night. Whether it be with video games, friends, at the park, we don't know where they get all their energy from. However, for their own sake, sometimes the fun has to come to an end. When we're preparing to leave the park or it's almost their bedtime, most parents say the same three words: "five more minutes."

Most of the time, we will give our kids those extra five minutes. That's why it can be incredibly frustrating when you return after those five minutes are up and inform them that it's time to leave or time to go to bed. They look at you with a shocked expression on their face, as if you are the one who is being incredibly unfair.

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The trouble is, young children tend to not really know what five minutes actually means. Even adults can be surprised at how quickly time passes when they're having fun. So an alternative to "five more minutes" that a parent recently posted on Reddit is a method we will definitely be employing going forward.

via Reddit

"I would tell them something like, 'Okay, let me see you jump in the pool. Seven more jumps and we’re leaving,'," the Redditor explained. They found that by giving them a tangible number that they can comprehend, they're far less upset once it comes time to leave. Apparently, the trick is to make it a relatively high number, at least five. Any less than that and you'll find them asking for "just one more."

Some of you are likely reading this and thinking that some smart-alec kids will mess with the system. They'll take their final turns super slowly, or stop at the sixth go and save their last one. If those scenarios unfold, simply ask them if they've opted to not use up all their turns. They'll quickly rush through whatever they have remaining rather than losing them.

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