Five-Year-Old Bronx Girl Accidentally Suffocates Sleeping Baby Cousin

A five-year-old girl accidentally suffocated her cousin while they slept beside each other. The incident is tragic, and it highlights how guardians should be more vigilant. Even when they’re sleeping, terrible things could happen.

Usually, young children shouldn’t sleep beside infants. The toddlers can toss and turn during their sleep, and if there isn’t a proper barrier, they could accidentally hurt the sleeping baby beside them. For the toddler, it can be difficult to sleep beside a baby, especially if they are still very young. During the night, they cry and scream for diaper changes, food, or to be picked up, and this can disrupt a young child’s much-needed sleep. It’s best for both parties if they sleep in separate rooms, if possible.

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Via: Pixabay, fujikama

Early Monday morning, authorities found an infant dead in her bed. First responders rushed to a house in Claremont Village after receiving a call about an unconscious baby. Six-month-old Ziebella Thorne-Young was immediately brought to the BronxCare Health System for treatment, but she was pronounced dead there.

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Medical examiners are still investigating the cause of death, but cops do not believe that the case is suspicious. They suspect that she was accidentally smothered by her five-year-old cousin while they slept on the same bed. She probably rolled over while they were sleeping and suffocated the infant. The baby wouldn’t have had the strength to push off her cousin when she realized she couldn’t breathe. The toddler was probably deep in sleep, so she wouldn’t have felt any struggling movements beneath her.

The older girl is not at fault for what happened. She shouldn’t have been allowed to sleep on the same bed as an infant, especially one that young. Ziebella was probably only beginning to learn how to roll over and lift her head, so she couldn’t properly move to protect herself yet. The incident is tragic, and no parent should have to go through something like that. It reminds us of how fragile our children can be, and it’s important to take precautions. Even if the toddler loves her baby cousin so much and begs to sleep beside her, it would probably be best to deal with a tantrum rather than the risk of an accident happening.

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