In Five Years On The Job, This Police Officer Has Delivered Three Babies

In five years as an officer for the New York Police Department, Jon-Erik Negron has helped deliver thee babies.

That is three babies in just five years when some patrol officers go a whole career without ever seeing one. The latest delivery was just this week at a Long Island home where Negron is an officer in Suffolk County. The call came in around 2:00 am and Negron couldn't believe it.

Negron and two fellow officers, Brian Cann and Karl Allison responded to a 911 call from a woman in labor needing assistance. Negron said he was in disbelief that he was getting another one of these calls, however, he was an old pro by that point. Thankfully this birth didn't have complications. "Out of the three, this was by far the easiest," Negron said. The new mom, Keri Fort, had a healthy baby girl. Both mother and baby were in good condition and transported to  St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson.

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ABC Eyewitness news gave a short summary on all of Negron's birth expertise. Assisting in tree births in five years is incredible and Negron's accomplishment was recognized with a small press conference the next day.

Last year, Negron dealt with a much more complicated birth. He was present for the unexpected home delivery of Bryce Pappalardo after his mother, Jane unexpectedly went into labor. Bryce wasn't breathing when he was born and Negron jumped into action removing the umbilical cord that was wrapped around his neck and sucking the fluid out of his nose and mouth with a plastic syringe. Negro was then honored as little Bryce's godfather.

The first baby Negron delivered was on the side of the road in Suffolk County, New York. If his career as a police officer doesn't work out, Negron could easily switch callings and become a midwife, or even a doula since he stays so calm under pressure, and clearly has some experience with delivering babies.

We couldn't imagine having to unexpectedly deliver a baby, let alone three! The odds are now in favor that this police officer won't have to deliver any more babies any time soon, but it seems like these unexpected births are drawn to him, so who really knows!


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