Southwest Flight Attendant Praised For Comforting Crying Baby In Viral Video

When the going gets tough, you can always count on your flight attendant to save the day- or at least keep a small baby from crying so loud that everyone can hear her from one end of the plane to another. And that’s exactly what a Southwest Airlines crew member did during a recent flight to Orlando, Florida.

According to Fox News, a mother by the name of Ashley Dowell from Illinois says that the kind actions of one flight attendant has once again proven that there are good, caring people that are still in this world. She shared video footage of a sweet scene of a flight attendant named Wesley Hunt as he helped calm her 9-month-old baby, Alayna, on their flight. Her post has so far gone viral with over 22,000 views and counting.

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Posted by Ashley Dowell on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Rockford, Illinois-based mother says that she will be “forever grateful” to Hunt for helping him during what she describes as a parenting crisis. Even though she tried to do everything she could to calm her baby down, it wasn’t until Hunt stepped in and took the baby in his arms to help the overwhelmed mother out.

At first, Dowell said that she and her husband were feeling very self-conscious over their baby’s crying. She admitted that she could feel the stares coming from all directions of the plane. But it wasn’t until Hunt stopped by and offered to hold the baby that everyone felt a little more relieved, including Alayna.

"We were in such a small, confined, area, we were really desperate," Dowell recalled. "He was so good with her, and so nurturing and caring and pretty instantaneously, she calmed down."

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In the 20-second clip that Dowell uploaded to her Facebook account, Hunt can be seen rocking and patting down the little girl as he walked up and down the aisle. After some time, the little girl relaxed and fell asleep in his arms.

Admitting that while there’s a lot of negativity in this world, the mother-of-three mused that Hunt’s random act of kindness has once again given her faith that there are very good people in this world.

As far as Hunt is concerned, he said that it was all in a day’s work. The 32-year-old flight attendant said, “First of all, I love babies, and I want like a hundred of them. In a world full of hate, I like to be a shining light to someone who needs it. I could tell in that particular moment her and her husband kind of needed a little light."

So far, reps for Southwest Airlines have not made any comments about the story.

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