Flight Attendant Holds Fussy Baby So Mom Can Get A Break

A flight attendant held a fussy baby during her announcements while her mom could take a break. By the end of the presentation the baby was smiling and blowing kisses.

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Being a mom is tiring. Babies don't understand that mom's get tired and they sometimes need breaks. It seems like when mom needs to rest the most the babies are their fussiest. One of the biggest impacts of babies becoming irritable and fussy is usually when their routines have been destroyed and when they miss their naps. Kids during vacation and traveling can be especially irritable because not only are they in a different environment, but there is no routine.

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Savannah Blum shares her experience when she was traveling home after visiting family. Blum was traveling with her daughter, 19 month old Brittan. They had just visited family in Texas and were headed back to Reno. Unfortunately for Blum and Brittan they had to get off the flight and get onto a connecting flight. It was difficult to transfer her daughter. Blum and Brittan got off the flight and were about to get onto their new flight when they saw Jessica. Jessica was going to be their flight attendant.

As Blum entered the flight Brittan began to be fussy. She didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to be held by mom, she didn't want to sit down and she was just done with traveling. Blum was little exhausted at this point and started trying to desperately get her daughter to calm down before the flight began. Jessica approached the young mom and held out her hands. "Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down." Blum sat down and could see Jessica and her baby the entire time. Blum whipped out her phone and started filming their interaction.

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Jessica continued doing all of her pre-flight announcements to her guests while holding the little one in her arms. She told people about their seatbelts, the exits, the rules of the airplane and to turn off their phones. Brittan was very calm while Jessica did her entire presentation and towards the end of the announcements little Brittan began blowing kisses to all of the other passengers and waving. Baby Brittan obviously felt very comfortable with Jessica and was in a much better mood to begin the 2.5 hour flight back home.

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