Florida Couple Gives Birth To Baby Boy After Free IVF Treatment Contest

Thanks to an IVF contest held in Florida back in 2017, a very deserving couple was able to welcome their first child into the world this year.

The "Win a Baby" contest was held by a local radio station, Florida's B1039, two years ago this month. The contest was for one woman to win one round of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), including all the medication necessary to make it successful. The only requirement was that the women needed to send in a video to the radio station explaining what it is about them that would make them a good mother.

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Krista Rivera from Cape Coral was over-the-moon excited when she received a call saying she was the winner. Her husband, Anthony Rivera, couldn't believe they finally had a chance of becoming parents. One round of IVF, like what the Riveras won in the contest, costs around $20,000 and many couples who struggle with infertility simply can't afford it.

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"We certainly don't know how to do anything the easy way, but we are still blessed beyond measure," Krista told the radio station a few months ago. She went on to say that without the help of the contest and the station, the Riveras might not have ever become parents and they are forever thankful that they got the opportunity.

In August of this year, the couple got to meet their baby boy, who they named Garrett Campbell Rivera. "When we thought we couldn't have a baby, it was just crushing," Krista told WFTX in an interview. Thanks to a bit of luck, baby Garrett was conceived and born into the arms of his loving parents.

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Dr. Richard J. Paulson, a previous president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine spoke out about the struggle that is infertility explaining that it's a lot more common than people think. In fact, over 8 million babies have been conceived and born thanks to advancements in reproductive medicine such as IVF.

CNN touches on the subject of infertility by explaining that the American Medical Association is now seeing infertility as a disease rather than an inconvenience in hopes that insurance companies will begin to cover all or some of the costs of in-vitro fertilization. Not only that, but they hope to remove the negative stigma that surrounds infertility as it's beyond the prospective parents' control.

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