Florida Man Must Pay Child Support For A Child Proven To Not Be His

The issue of people having to pay child support is a touchy one for some. Some people begrudgingly pay it off because they're legally obligated to do so. But others act like deadbeats by refusing to pay even a penny of child support. It's horrible that there are people out there who don't wish to help financially support a child. Having said that, there are certain scenarios where you feel bad for the parent in question.

In St. Augustine, Florida, Joseph Sinawa is fighting to not pay child support anymore. While this may upset those who will say that he needs to help not the child and their mother financially, it's more complicated than that. It turns out that Sinawa is fighting to not pay child support for a child that's been proven to not be his.

This legal mess started sometime last year when Sinawa paid a visit to Saint Johns County courthouse to obtain visiting rights to his child. To prove his paternity, the presiding judge ordered a DNA test, which was carried out. It was eventually revealed that the child wasn't his after all, devastating Sinawa.

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"I signed the birth certificate because at the time I believed I was the biological father. At the time it had been taking $83 out of my paycheck, more than 1/3 of my pay. When I thought I was the father I didn’t have a problem with it," he explained.

The child's mother, who hasn't been named, has allegedly said that she's okay with Sinawa not paying child support at all. She says it's because she doesn't want anything to do with him- so it's clear that she respects the DNA test results. But despite all of the overwhelming evidence, the Florida Department of Revenue appealed the judge's decision, The reversal of the original decision has forced Sinawa to continue paying child support.

This ridiculous situation is certainly a frustrating one for Sinawa, who's only going to lose more and more money as time goes on. It's gotten so bad that he's been forced to represent himself now, and for when the next court date arrives. He's currently trying to disestablish his paternity from the child involved as much as possible. For his sake, we're hoping that Sinawa will be able to not have to pay child support for a child that was never his, to begin with.

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