Florida Mom Arrested After Leaving Her Son In Car While She Went To Walmart

A parent's job is to love and care for their children. After all, children are so vulnerable to life's dangers that they need help and guidance. No matter how old they are- whether they're infants, toddlers, or school-age- they'll always need you in some capacity. Depending on their age, a child will have to solely rely on their parents in order to keep them alive and well. But if the parent fails, the consequences can be extremely serious.

In Bonita Springs, Florida, one mom was arrested for leaving her child in the car while she was inside Walmart. The mom in question was 27-year-old Christine Simmons. Fortunately, her child- who hasn't been named in the media- was able to escape the scary situation unharmed.

The incident took place last week when Simmons drove to Walmart and parked in a handicap spot without the proper decal or tag that would allow her to do so. She then left her son inside the car so that she could shoplift. During the 22 minutes that her son was left unattended, the boy was able to call his grandmother for help. The unidentified grandmother arrived at the parking lot and picked up her grandson before leaving. She has since revealed that her grandson is okay, but refuses to speak about the matter more.

via Bonita Springs Florida Weekly


When Simmons finally returned to her vehicle, she realized that her son was gone. Assuming the worst, she panicked and told a Walmart employee of her discovery. The employee called the police, and Collier County deputies arrived minutes later to investigate.

Deputies ended up searching Simmons' car, where they made some interesting discoveries. They found 24 items that Simmons had managed to shoplift from Walmart, as well as two pill bottles for which she didn't have a prescription for, and a luxury watch reported stolen from Plantation, Florida that's worth $6800 USD. All of this made the neglectful mom look pretty terrible.

Between the stolen items and leaving her son unattended, Simmons was arrested and charged with a laundry list of offenses- including child neglect for what she did to her son. She was taken to the Naples Jail Center, and it appears she's still in jail now. Here's hoping that justice will be served for the sake of her son.

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