Florida Mom Arrested After Letting Her 12-Year-Old Son Drive

Every child sees their parents drive on a regular basis. It could be to school, extracurricular activities, or even family vacations. This may pique a child's interest, causing them to want to learn how to drive. Of course, they can't do so until they're much older. But that doesn't mean some parents will obey this particular law.

In Gulf Breeze, Florida, one mom was arrested for allowing her 12-year-old son to drive with her and other people in the car. The mother was identified as 43-year-old Francisca Saria of Milton, Florida. The identity of her son- as well as the two other juveniles found in the car- have not been released to the media. The incident was said to occur this past Sunday.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, a deputy spotted Saria's vehicle swerving in and out of its lane. The vehicle was traveling westbound on Highway 98 in Gulf Breeze at the time of the incident. The deputy was able to pull the vehicle over, which is when he discovered that Saria's 12-year-old son was driving.

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As for Saria herself, police say that she was sitting in the passenger seat at that time. The aforementioned juveniles were sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. It was shortly after the initial traffic stop when Saria was taken into custody. None of the juveniles were arrested, and it appears as though they were released into the custody of their respective families.

Saria was later charged with permitting an unauthorized minor to drive, child neglect, expired registration and no proof of insurance. According to jail records, Saria was released on bond the same day she was arrested. It's currently unknown what will happen next with her case, but it's definitely far from over.

While this is surely a terrifying incident for Saria's son and the other children involved, none of them were injured or killed due to this incident. Furthermore, no one else who shared the road with them that day was hurt or killed either. As upsetting as this situation may be, it's good to see that nobody paid the price for Saria's poor decision.

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