Florida Mother Faces Felony Child Abuse Charges After Her 5-Month-Old Baby Boy Suffers Brain Bleed


A sweet little innocent 5-month-old boy is on life support. The doctors do not believe that he is expected to make a recovery due to the severity of his brain bleed that he is suffering from. Authorities say that the little boy received the brain bleed from severe abuse and his mother admitted to having abused him.

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The boy's mother, Burgandie Marquez, 30, was arrested Saturday afternoon by detectives with the Crimes Against Children Unit and is facing aggravated child abuse charges.  When she was being interviewed by police she continued to give conflicting reports and never was consistent with her story. At one point she did admit to the police that she might have been a little bit "rough" with her son. After being questioned she finally explained a story in which she abused her child. She said that she was on the phone with the baby's father when she became really upset.  Then she went on to explain that she intentionally jerked him up from the ground twice causing his head to snap backward. She told detectives she then picked the child up and ran up and down a set of stairs, allowing his head to bounce without support.

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The next morning her son began having seizures. Instead of seeking medical attention for her child she decided to just console him and get him to calm down. She then drove to Pasco County where she was going to meet up with the boy's father. She noticed that her son's condition had gotten worse and so she called 9-1-1 and her son had to be airlifted to the hospital. Staff at the hospital told detectives the child suffered a severe brain bleed caused by head trauma. According to an arrest report, the baby is currently on life support and is not expected to recover.

Apparently, the mother is the boy's only caregiver from Monday to Friday and so it would be unlikely that the child was hurt by anybody besides the mother. Witnesses also said that the boy seemed fine on Wednesday and wasn't showing any sign of having medical issues.

The mother was arrested and she is currently in Pinellas County Jail waiting for her trial and sentencing.

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