Florida Parents Of Baby Born During Hurricane Name Him Dorian

A Flordia couple delivered their son during Hurricane Dorian and decided to name their son after the storm.

When women get pregnant they think about the perfect time and place that they will deliver. Pregnant women have a birth plan that will consist of the place that they would like to give birth whether it be at home, in a tub, or in the hospital. The birth plan might include whether she wants an epidural or the type of things that she would like for her newborn. No woman considers giving birth during a hurricane as an ideal situation. They would much rather be safe in their home rather than driving through the horrible storm. However, this less than ideal situation was one woman's reality.

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Kay Lisa McCloud and her partner Anthony Davis live in DeLand, Florida. McCloud was about 38 weeks pregnant. Hurricane Dorian was heading toward the coast of Flordia and McCloud wasn't planning on having her child for a few more weeks and she was hoping he would wait until after the storm, but little baby had a much different plan. He decided that it would be way too boring to wait until his due date and decided to come right before the Hurricane hit.

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McCloud and Davis had to rush to AdventHealth DeLand Hospital when she thought that she was in labor. They had to drive to the hospital even though they knew that the Hurricane was on its way. They wanted to be able to stay safe in their home but they had no choice. Their baby was 12 days early and he was born on September 2. Little boy weighed 4lbs 8oz. Both mom and baby were perfectly healthy.


They will never forget the fact that their son was born during a Hurricane. In honor of the hurricane, they named their child after the storm. They named their son Tadashi Dorian Davis. The family was able to return to their home on September 4 where they were greeted to a home that was not damaged, it was completely dry and their electricity was intact. They were very grateful to be able to return to a home that was in perfect condition. They were nervous that they would be bringing a newborn to a home that needed to be reparied but that wasn't the case. They felt so very lucky!

Congratulations you guys on the new sweet little baby and we are so happy that everything went well! We hope that baby continues to grow big and strong and that mom is able to recover quickly from delivering sweet Tadashi Dorian.

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