Florida Police Investigating Craigslist Post Of A Newborn Baby For Sale

A post on Craigslist advertising a baby for $500 has caught the attention of the police. They are currently investigating whether or not the post was made by a real person or an online troll. After reading the full details of the post, it’s hard to believe that someone would actually sell their child, especially with all the freebies included.

While it’s easy to dismiss the case as too ridiculous to be true, the police still need to investigate cases like this one. On the off chance that the situation is real, a child’s life would be at risk. Danger is easily preventable, especially if the seller posted on a non-encrypted website. If it turns out to be a hoax, then authorities can remind the troll how inappropriate it is to joke about selling children.

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Via: Craigslist

The Craigslist post advertises a baby for $500 in Kendall, Florida. The post claims the user is selling a 2-week-old infant, and the baby formula and clothes are included in the price. The baby is marketed as a good sleeper, so not much noise is made at night. On top of the freebies, the seller is also willing to throw in the infant’s four-year-old sister for free.

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The user claims that they are selling the child because they don’t want to be judged for not wanting children. They live in a quiet, influential neighbourhood, and they claim that they work for the Department of Children and Families. Because of all these pressures, the seller doesn’t want to be criticized for their dislike of children. This, in their mind, justifies selling the children online.

Last Friday, the state’s Department of Law Enforcement started an investigation into the advertisement. So far, they have only spoken to one woman who they suspect could’ve posted the ad. She denied any involvement, and the police is left without any leads. Currently, they are waiting for computer records to aid in their search for the seller. While it is still unclear whether or not the post is a hoax, authorities are still taking the situation seriously. If the post turns out to be serious, then someone out there is using Craigslist to traffic human beings.

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