Flower Power Baby Names From The 70s

Picking the perfect name for your child is one of the biggest decisions any new parent will make. With thousands of options from the traditional to the wildly unique, parents have the singular responsibility of selecting a name that will follow their child throughout their lives.

For those parents whom traditional names just will not do, why not look to the bygone generation of the 70s? The hippy generation spawned a plethora of unusually named babies, with names stemming from everything the natural world to pop culture.

Parents born of the flower power generation are sure to identify with these names drawn from a decade of peace and love in response to world turmoil. Eco-loving parents may lean towards choosing baby names that hail from natural elements, while others might opt for names with a more spiritual bent.

Check out this list of 25 of the best names of the hippy decade for those looking to pass on a legacy of hope to their children.

25 Genesis

With Greek origins, the name Genesis signifies new beginnings or birth. A more popular name for firstborns within a family, Genesis can be a unisex name, but is most commonly chosen for baby girls. Possible nicknames for baby Genesis could include Genny or Gigi.

Currently the name Gensis is pretty popular for a throw back name, it sits at #65 on the popular name list for girls and isn't at all popular for boys. It's sitting at #3758 on the popular boy's name list.

There aren't any celebrities or other famous people with the name Genesis, but that just means your little one could be the first! So if you think your little girl looks like the beginning of great things, consider naming her Genesis.

24 Dharma

Originally a Sanskrit word , the name Dharma is common throughout the world for both boys and girls, and is especially popular in Hindu culture. With the rise of popular artists like The Beatles' passion for Indian culture , names like Dharma became more popular stateside. The name Dharma peaked in popularity in the late 90s, likely due to Jenna Elfman’s character in the TV comedy Dharma & Greg.

Lately the name has fallen out of popularity, but if you want to start a trend by bringing it back, go for it. The name is only #1581 on the popular name list. Dharma embodies the basic principals in Hindu of the cosmic experience. If you're looking for a middle name to go with that, why not go with Liberty?

23 Stone

One of the many flower power names that came out of the 70s, the name Stone stems from the natural world. Most commonly a boy’s name, Stone is a solid name meaning rock. Famous Stones include Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and news anchor Stone Phillips.

The name is pretty popular, coming in at #339 on the popular name list, so the odds of your Stone not being the only one in college with this name is pretty high. If you're not totally sold on Stone, you could always choose Rock instead. Pair that with a killer middle name like Jahvon, and you've got one cool name!

22 Amber

The girl’s name Amber invokes images of the crystalline golden brown gemstone. Not just for babies with brown eyes, the name Amber rose in popularity through the late 70s and early 80s. Super model and actress Amber Valletta was born in the 70s. Other famous Ambers include Johnny Depp’s most recent ex, Amber Heard, and Amber Tamblyn.

This is a great name if you want something that isn't too hard to spell, sounds pretty and is easy to pronounce as well. Amber is currently #334 on the popular name list, but don't let the popularity of the name stop you from choosing such a lovely name for your little lady.

21 Willow

Another name with roots in the natural world, Willow can mean slender or graceful much like its namesake tree. Over the years, Willow has risen in popularity with many modern day celebrities such as Will Smith and Pink choosing the name for their daughters. Common variations include Willa or Will.

This beautiful name is not only all about nature, but it's pretty too. For a girl who is firmly planted and has a gentle grace about her, Willow makes the perfect name. It's also pretty popular too, the name ranks #111 on the popular names list.

20 Krishna

While originally stemming from the ancient Hindu god, the traditionally boy's name Krishna rose in popularity in the states following the rise of the Hare Krishna movement in the 70s. On a steady upswing since the 70s, a common nickname for Krishna is the shortened Kris.

This name can be used for girls too, but is more commonly used for a little boys name. In fact, Krishna was #12 in Chile on the popular girl's name list. In North America the name sits at #3035 for girls and #2682 for boys. The great thing about this name is that you find a whole pile of other boys or girls in your child's school yard with the same name helping your child to stand out more.

19 Harmony

Harmony is one of the ultimate peace-loving names. Defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a pleasing combination, daughter named Harmony reflects the perfect melding of her two parents. The name Harmony has Greek origins from the Greek mythology about Harmonia, a Greek goddess who was the child born out the affair between Ares and Aphrodite.

If you think Harmony not only describes your relationship with your significant other, but also your precious new addition, you're among the popular vote that loves this name. And oddly enough, parents are using this name for their little boys too. Currently Harmony sits at #184 on the girl's popular names list and #9129 on the boy's popular name list.

18 Dawn

One of the more popular names in the early 70s, the name Dawn is indicative of new beginnings. The name means "daybreak," or "the first appearance of light," and a child with such a moniker is sure to have a bright and sunny future. No wonder the hippies of the 70s loved this name.

Famous people with the name Dawn include Dawn Harper-Nelson; Olympic Runner, Dawn Michelle Staley; WNBA player and Dawn Landes; folk singer. This throwback name is not on a comeback, in fact its popularity is in steep decline. It currently ranks at #1184 on the popular girl's name list.

17 Lennon

Made ever-increasingly more popular by Beatles member John Lennon, the name Lennon often invokes memories of the ultimate peace-loving hippie anthem, “Imagine”. While suitable for both boy and girl babies, the name is far more commonly bestowed upon boys, and Lennon never goes out of style and has seen a rise in popularity in recent decades.

Lennon is of Irish origin and means "small cloak or cape." This popular name has also been used for little girl's names as well. Currently Lennon is #609 on the popular boy's name list and #516 on the popular girl's name list. For a girl, the name changes meaning, it means "lover."

16 Rainbow

An ethereal feeling name for girls, Rainbow is a choice only for those parents set on a truly hippie name for baby. For a more mainstream option, go with Iris which is the Greek word for rainbow. Former Playmate Holly Madison chose the name for daughter Rainbow Aurora.

This word name isn't overly popular in the 21st century, Rainbow sits at #1243 on the girl's popular name list. But we think if you pair it with a great middle name, Rainbow can make a fantastic first name for any little girl who brings color and light into your world.

15 Blu / Blue

Not as common as some of the other hippie names, Blue has a long tradition of being bestowed on both girl and boy babies, and is often used as a middle name. The name Blue has seen a resurgence in recent years, possibly due to famous daughter of Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and John Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu. Several celebrities have also selected the name for their boys as in the case of Cher’s son Elijah Blue and Alicia Silverstone’s son Bear Blu.

Up 22 spots from last year, Blue currently ranks #2349 in popular boy names, and #5618 for girls. This name is a great choice for either a middle or first name.

14 Sage

Going back to the natural world again, we come across the name Sage which can have more than one meaning. On the one hand, Sage can be indicative of the heady green herb by the same name. Alternatively, Sage can denote a wise person. The unisex name has been steadily increasing in popularity since the 70s.

A great choice for a child with an old soul, the name Sage is currently ranked at #350 for girls and #637 for boys. The name pairs well with other names like Ryder and Mason for boys and Avery or Harper for girls.

13 Butterfly

Butterfly is another classic flower power moniker. The name is more frequent with girls, and is often used as a nickname. Several of the best-known Butterflys are actress Butterfly McQueen of Gone With The Wind fame, and eco-activist Julia Butterfly Hill who spent just over two years living in the canopy of a redwood tree in the late 90s.

Butterfly has fallen out of recent favor and is not currently ranked in most popular baby names lists. For those that like the idea of a daughter named butterfly, why not consider the Spanish version Mariposa?

12 River

Ever popular, the name River is another that never seems to go out of style. The most notable River to have come out the 70s was heartthrob actor River Phoenix, known for his roles in Stand By Me and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

River is ranked highly for both boys and girls, falling at #247 for the boys with the girls just behind at #381. The name pairs nicely with other gender-neutral one syllable names like Jude.

11 Daisy

What could be more flowery of a name than an actual flower? The name Daisy has a similar meaning to Dawn, and comes from the English day’s eye. Alternatively, some parents may choose to go with the French version Marguerite. There are plenty of Daisys in the spotlight today from Daisy Fuentes to Star Wars darling Daisy Ridley.

In vogue for more than a hundred years, the name Daisy is once again on the upswing and currently hovering in the 234th spot for popular girl names. Similar dreamy flower names are Violet and Lily.

10 Rain

Rain is another name that works for both girls and boys. Popular variations are endless and include Raine, Rainey, Rainn and Rayne. The name has gained recognition with The Office’s Rainn Wilson who played Dwight Schrute.

For girls, try pairing Rain with a two syllable name such as Ella or Ava. For boys, consider Grayson or Lucas.

9 Fern

The name Fern evokes images of cool green woodlands and a spirit of calm peacefulness. A common alternate spelling is Ferne, and is typically popular with parents who like other botanical names like Daisy and Ivy. While an extremely common name in the 1800s, Fern saw a resurgence after the publication of Charlotte’s Web, which contained a main character named Fern.

Fern has fallen out of fashion in recent years and currently sits at spot #2936 for popular girl names. However, it is still a timeless name and would go great with several traditional names that have seen a resurgence. Several options to consider are Charlotte, Lucy and Abigail.

8 Love

The name Love has been around for more than a century, and after a dip in the mid-twentieth century saw a spike in the 70s, and again in the past few years. Variations include Lovey or Lovee.

While not as common as some of the other better known flower power names, Love currently stands at #1092 for baby girl names. In recent years, the name came into the spotlight through American Idol Season 14 contestant Lovey James.

7 Saffron

Made famous in the late 60s by Donovan's song “Mellow Yellow”, the name Saffron is drawn from the crocus flower sourced spice of the same name and dates back to pre-Biblical times. This girl’s name suggests a child who will be spirited and full of zest.

The name Saffron’s popularity waxes and wanes quite considerably and it currently sits low on the list at #5593. That being said, it would pair nicely with a number of names such as Rain, Paige and Reece.

6 Ivy

This girl’s name has English roots that go back more than a hundred years. The name’s popularity waned in the early 20th century but began a steady resurgence in the 70s, possibly due to Batman super villainess Poison Ivy.

Ivy sits high in the charts at #121 in 2016. While there are not many celebrities with the name Ivy, it is clearly a name that is here to stay and remains current.

5 Meadow

The sweet girl’s name Meadow suggests a serene, dreamy child. While always popular with the hippy crowd, Meadow saw a big surge in popularity in the early 2000s, like due to Soprano’s character Meadow Soprano.

Meadow is currently ranked #669 on the charts. Why not try pairing Meadow with some of the other flower power names like Rain or Dawn?

4 Dylan

Possibly one of the ultimate boy flower power names, Dylan rose to fame in the 70s undoubtedly because of folk singer Bob Dylan. The name actually has Welsh roots and means great tide, or great flow. According to Welsh mythos, Dylan was a sea god.

Dylan currently ranks very high in the charts at #32 in popularity for boys. In recent years it has become more common for girls as well and stands at #307. We think Dylan sounds lovely when paired with Grey and Cruz.

3 Sky

A perennial favorite with the hippie set, Sky is a unisex name used almost equally for boy and girl babies. Variations include Skye and Skylar. Las Vegas illusionist David Copperfield used the name Sky for a daughter.

Sky is currently the 637th most popular name for girls and 1553th for boys. We like Sky as a middle name when matched with a pretty flowery name like Delilah.

2 Misty

Another ethereal-sounding flower power name drawn from the natural elements is Misty. Girl babies born with the name Misty were most common in the latter 70s although the name is still quite popular today. Well-known modern era Mistys include ballerina Misty Copeland and Olympic medalist beach volleyball player Misty May-Treanor.

Misty pairs nicely with other names beginning with M such as Megan and Makayla. Alternatively, you might consider matching the name with another hippie name like Sage or Dawn.

1 Summer

Indicative of lazy sunny days and arguably one of the most widely known girls’ names out of the flower power generation is Summer. Beach Boy Mike Love used the name for his daughter to create the ultimate hippie name, Summer Love. Another well-known Summer is actress Summer Glau, best known for her roles in Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Summer is a perennial favorite and falls currently falls at #177 on the popular names chart. It pairs nicely with a number of other flower power names like Rain, Dawn and Blue.

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