10 Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

When you are pregnant it feels like you can eat anything by how much your appetite increase due to creating a new life. But in reality, when you are expecting you need to be careful and watch what you eat since there are some foods that could affect the baby.

While you are pregnant everything you eat goes to the baby as nutrients that you put into your body and you want to make sure you are eating healthy food that will help your baby grow strong. Keep reading to discover ten foods that you need to avoid when you are pregnant.

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10 Alcohol

Even though this is not technically a food, one item that you need to avoid while you are expecting is alcohol. Sure, you might just be a social drinker when you are out with your friends, but even just one glass of wine can affect your baby’s development.

According to AmericanPregnancy.org, alcohol is a substance that can cross into your placenta no matter what amount you drink, even if it is a little. So the next time you go out with your friends to make sure you get water instead of your usual cup of wine.

9 Sushi

Sushi is a delicious treat when you go out with your friends or if you are on a date night with your partner. There is just something about this Japanese cuisine that is flavorful and makes your mouth watering.

And even if you are craving sushi while you are pregnant you need to avoid eating it due to the raw fish. HealthLine.com has stated that raw fish can have dangerous bacteria such as Vibrio, Salmonella, and Listeria, which can leave a person dehydrated and weak which can put you and your baby's life in danger.

8 Soft Cheese

During your pregnancy you are going to want to stay away from some types of cheese, we are not saying all cheese, but any kind of soft cheese you want to avoid. Soft cheeses are a lot different from the other cheesing making it something you want to avoid for the development of the baby.

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7 Peanuts

A common snack food that you eat that you want to avoid when you are expecting is peanuts. We know that peanuts are the perfect snack since they are crunchy and salty, but if peanut allergies run on the mother's side then PregnancyBirthBaby.org recommends not eating them during pregnancy.

This is because foods that people are highly allergic to can be passed down from generations and many believe that it is best to avoid them if someone in your family is allergic. So play it safe and avoid any peanuts and nuts.

6 Anything With Caffeine

Can we even make it through the day without coffee? But if you are pregnant then you might have to. Coffee and other drinks/foods with caffeine in them are not good to be having when you are pregnant.

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5 Raw Sprouts

A food that many people love to eat when they are trying to eat consume healthy foods are sprouts. But if you eat raw alfalfa, mung bean, and radish you could be putting yourself and your baby at risk of getting E. coli.

According to FoodSaftey.org, E. coli can lead to symptoms of abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting. All of these symptoms are ones that you do not have to have when you are trying to relax while expecting. So spend your pregnancy in bliss and not checking in with the doctor due to something you ate and stay away from raw sprouts.

4 Raw Eggs

Eggs are a staple in an American breakfast, but if you like eating your eggs not fully cooked then you are going to have to change your breakfast during your pregnancy. We are not just talking about poaching eggs, or over-easy eggs, raw eggs can also be found in foods like baked goods, cake icing, and even some salad dressings can have raw eggs.

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If you are cooking something that requires eggs make sure to cook it thoroughly. HealthLine.com has reported that raw eggs contain salmonella which can lead to fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

3 Unpasteurized Milk

When you go to a grocery store this is something that you probably will not have to worry about since those kinds of milk are typically pasteurized. Unpasteurized milk can be food more so on farms and at a farmer's market.

And we are not saying that you still can’t go to your favorite farmers market, we are saying don’t buy the farm-fresh milk while you are there. Tommys.org mentions that unpasteurized milk can lead to toxoplasmosis, which is a disease that weakens the immune systems and can be transferred from mother to baby.

2 Seafood

Before we mentioned the dangers of eating raw fish while pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat cook fish while pregnant either. Seafood either it is fish, lobster, of shellfish, are all types of food you want to avoid when you are pregnant.

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1 Deli Meats

A food you might be surprised to see on this list to avoid if you are expecting is deli meat. If you are a sandwich person then this one might even feel like a personal attack, but hear us out on why you shouldn’t be eating it during pregnancy.

According to AmericanPregnancy.org, deli meats can contain bacteria, listeria, which can lead to your baby being effect and can result in a loss of pregnancy. So skip the sandwiches during your pregnancy and start parking a different lunch for work.

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