Former 'Bachelorette' Star, Ali Fedotowsky-Manno Proudly Shows Her Loose Skin Post Pregnancy

Former Bachelorette shares how she is so proud of her loose skin, because her body brought two children into this world!


Bringing a baby into this world is more than just a nine month pregnancy and then a delivery. Having children is so much harder than it looks and it doesn't just take 6-8 weeks to recover. Many women deal with the aftermath of pregnancy and delivery for the rest of their lives. Some women have problems with their back and pelvis. The biggest complaint among women is the fact that even after they lose their pregnancy weight they still don't look the same as they did before having babies.

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Former Bachelorette star, Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, has two wonderful children. She has worked hard to lose the pregnancy weight, but her body certainly doesn't look like what it was before she had her children. She doesn't care. She said that she "earned" her body and that she is proud of her loose skin.

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She refuses to wear a one piece just to try to cover up her loose skin. Her loose skin shows that she brought two beautiful babies into this world and she is so proud of herself and her accomplishment. Both of her children were large babies and she had a very large stomach. Her belly was always measuring bigger and so it's no surprise that her skin didn't just bounce back to it's formal glory.

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Sometimes she looks at herself and feels a little ashamed of her skin that is loose. She sometimes wishes that it would just tighten up and go back to what she had before. But, then she feels so proud of what her body did for her family. She remembers the sacrifice that her body went through to bring her two beautiful children in their family and she is so proud of herself. She would never trade her children for anything! She said that her family is exactly what she has always dreamed of and couldn't be happier than she is right now. All women should feel so proud of their bodies. It is a lot of work to bring babies into this world and every mother should feel so awesome about what their bodies accomplished!

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