Fortunate Baby Girl Born Inside Amniotic Sac In Exceptionally Rare Birth

A little girl was born in her amniotic sac and it is extremely rare for the bag of waters not to break during delivery!

In a normal and straight forward birth, the bag of waters (amniotic sac) will break before the baby is born. If a woman has been in labor for a while and the water has not broken, the doctor will often manually break the water using a little "hook" device that they use to snag the bag of water and then break it. This will speed up the delivery process. It is extremely rare for a mother to deliver a child who is still in the amniotic sac without it breaking on its own.

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Annie Glasspool unexpectedly went into labor while at her home. Her husband called 999 and an ambulance showed up to bring her to the hospital. When the paramedics had arrived they could already see the baby's head and she was born within minutes of them arriving at the scene. They immediately noticed that the little baby, Katie, was still in the amniotic sac. Annie's water never broke and her child was happily still alive in her little bag.


A child born in their sac does not pose any risk to the baby, or the mother. It is just very rare. Some people believe that being born in the amniotic sac is actually considered to be lucky and will bring good fortune to the family. The paramedic who helped deliver Katie said that she was excited to be present for such a unique entrance. Babies born in their sacs are estimated to happen only about 6 times a year, so Katie is very unique and special. Once they realized that she was in the sac they had to manually open up the amniotic sack, cut the umbilical cord and made sure that baby and mom were alright. They then transported them to the nearby hospital.

Katie is now two months old and Annie reunited with the crew that helped her deliver her baby. She shared that she had been having contractions for a few weeks before the birth of Katie. She called the hospital when she had been having contractions for only about an hour. The hospital told her to call back in about an hour to give them an update. However, the baby was born within half an hour, so they didn't even make it the whole hour. Annie said that she was in love with all of the medical staff on the phone and the paramedics who came to help deliver their sweet little baby girl.

Congratulations on your new little girl! What a fun and exciting story to tell her when she gets older!

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