My Four Year Old Is Driving Me Crazy But One Day 'He'll Move Mountains.'

Do you have that one child who just gives you a run for your money? You know, the one who you believe was sent here just to torture you? I do! Okay, well, he wasn't actually sent here to torture me and I am so blessed to be his mommy. He is so silly, fun, intelligent and he is the one I would pick to go on any adventure with me. He will be my exploring buddy. And here comes the "but!" But, this kid is trying to kill me.

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I love my four year old so much, but he is the hardest kid. He has always been the most difficult child. He was the easiest pregnancy though! My son came into this world born to make moves. He started crying from the second he came out and he has not stopped crying. In all seriousness though, he cried for about 8 months. He would scream when he was hungry, tired, couldn't poop, when he would have eczema and if I wasn't holding him just right. He wouldn't fall asleep in my arms because if I was holding him that just meant I had to be nursing him. We tried all of the things to get him to stop crying. The doctor kept reassuring us that nothing was medically wrong with him.

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My son just has very big emotions! He is the hardest kid to read. He never knows when to "stop" when it comes to playing and almost always takes things to the next level. If you start to play fight with him you should prepare yourself to get punch, kicked, kneed and scratched. He never does it maliciously though! He is not a mean kid, he just has a tough time controlling his body.

My son puts his mind on something and refuses to think about anything else. If he wants to reach something on a high shelf there is nothing that is going to stop him from getting that item. He will cry, scream and crawl his way if he has to! Although it is really hard being his mother right now, he is going to be successful at whatever he would like to be in this world. He doesn't let anybody tell him he can't do anything. He questions everything. He is kind to a fault and he is extremely intense. This boy, in all honesty, will be amazing no matter what he decides to do with his life. I am so very excited to see where life takes him.

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