France Debating Whether To Expand Assisted Pregnancy Services To Gay Couples

A woman named Lauren shares how she doesn't get a baby because she is a lesbian. She is among many women who want to be a mother, but can't due to lack of financial help.

A proposed law is under consideration in France. The bill would offer medical assistance to all women. The bill would be available to women who are heterosexual as well as homosexual. If passed this would bring France into line with 10 of its EU partners -- Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

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One woman, who we will call Lauren, has shared her experience trying to become a gay mother in France. Lauren shares that she has tried almost everything to become a mother. She has always wanted to be a mother, but since she is not "into men" she had to find other methods of becoming a mother. She first asked one of her friends if they could be the "father" of her baby and that fell through. She then went and wanted to adopt. However, it is very hard to get a baby when you are a single mother. So she knew that her document was placed on the bottom of the pile. Lauren then turned to IVF using donated sperm. She was found on another waiting list. She was finally seen and 4 embryos were implanted. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. Lauren said that it is really hard for her to talk about money when it comes to the baby, but money is certainly a factor for people who are going through all of the avenues of trying to make a baby. Lauren says that she has spent more than 15,000 euros ($17,000), including 11,000 euros which she borrowed pretending that she was going to buy a car with it.

Isabelle Laurans, co-head of the Mam'En Solo group which is pressing for medically assisted pregnancy to be open to all women said that the money aspect of creating a family really is a barrier for people. Laurans said, "I know women who have used all their savings... even sold their house to make this happen." She goes onto say that the procedures necessary for women to become mothers should be available to all women up to 45 years old.


Of course, right now the bill is not a done deal. In France, there are mixed views and opinions. Many people do not want this bill to pass because they don't believe that gay people should be raising children. Many people believe that lesbians should not be a mom and therefore they do not want this law to pass to allow all women the right to have the procedures. It will be interesting to see if this bill passes in September.

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