FREE BABY STUFF - 15 Websites You Should Visit RIGHT NOW!

We’ve all considered how nice it would be to work from home, but those options can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming, especially for a new mommy. But guess what? A better use of your time might be exploring these quick and easy online sources for totally free stuff!

As the saying goes, nothing is ever really free, but if the cost is signing up for a newsletter or getting free samples you might not be interested in, that sounds as good as free can get. Scope out these awesome 15 websites to get a great deal - all from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you happen to be browsing).

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15 Hey, It’s Free!

This website isn’t just for parents, but it will have a lot of things you and your family can enjoy. If you want to know when your favorite chain is giving away free pancakes or know where to sign up for free makeup samples, then Hey, It’s Free will serve you well.

The best part is they keep it updated almost daily and there’s so many different things to sample that you’ll always find something free and interesting to try.

14 MommyPage

The benefits of MommyPage don’t just include all the free offers, but this website is also a great online community and information source for all mothers and childcare givers.

MommyPage offers its own newsletter and is a popular spot for mothers to share all the best deals and insider tips. You’ll find free offers in just a few minutes of browsing this helpful and fun site.

13 Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit

This is only a one time deal, but it’s a good one. Sign up here to get a free nutrition kit full of quality and helpful supplies that you will definitely need for your baby. Gerber has a solid list of supplies inside, including a Gerber Cozy for breastfeeding and helpful guides for all things baby care. And it all comes inside a cute carrying case - what more could you need?

12 Free Parents Magazine Subscription

Need the ultimate guide to childcare and parenting? Parents Magazine offers a free trial subscription when you sign up. The free offer will give you months of free magazines, plus a great cheap deal if you decide you want to subscribe.

Just having a few of these around the house will provide some helpful tips, and you can always use the glossy print for your collage project!

11 Similac StrongMoms Rewards

Signing up for a membership with Similac StrongMoms Rewards means the gifts will keep on giving. Becoming a member of this member rewards program is totally free, and the benefits include tons of deals and free samples of baby products. You’ll get to sample Similac’s formula and get up to $329 worth of coupons and other deals. You also get free member advising.

10 Pampers Rewards

There’s no getting around your need for diapers, so Pampers Rewards will be a handy membership for all mommies out there. With every product purchase, you can collect codes, which are redeemable for gift cards, free diapers, Shutterfly prints, free photo books, and more. Sign up is totally free.

9 Huggies Rewards

Similar to Pampers, if you prefer the competitor’s quality diapers, then Huggies’ Rewards program will be great. Huggies offers stellar deals on all their products, which includes not just diapers but also wipes and other amenities.

8 Gerber Free Lactation Consultant

It’s not just free samples and coupons you can get online. Sign up at this link for free through Gerber and get a totally free lactation consultant. The one-on-one appointment can be made easily online and Gerber will cover the costs. The appointment is over the phone so you won’t even need to worry about transportation costs.

7 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a fun way to earn everything from gift cards to a new Blu-Ray player. The best part is, unlike other websites, you don’t have to waste hours filling out surveys that you might not even be qualified for.

Instead, you can earn points, or Swagbucks, doing any number of things you already do online, including watching videos, playing games, online shopping, and scoping out search engines for the answer to your baby question.

6 Mommy and Me News

Mommy and Me is great because it’s made specifically for moms and people with kids who could use some sweet deals (ranging from deals on baby clothes to free credit monitoring and identify theft insurance) and free swag.

You’ll keep up with way more than “mommy news” with all the offers they’re posting about. They’re constantly updating their site with new deals for free stuff, so keep it on your bookmarks bar for sure!

5 Belly Band

This one is an exclusive deal, and going quickly! If you haven’t heard of Belly Bands, they’re a cheap way to stretch your maternity clothes budget and save your current clothes from stretching out! The Belly Button is giving “Living on Fifty” online readers a $40 discount at checkout with code “RB40” – which is plenty to get you a free Belly Band!

4 Amazon Family Free Trial

Of course you love Amazon for the ease of online shopping already, but now Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial of Amazon Family. During the trial period, you’ll get 20% off diapers and wipes, free 2-day shipping on everything you buy, and a 15% off registry completion coupon, which can save you hundreds on some of the more expensive baby gear and will help out your baby shower guests.

3 Enfamil Family Beginnings

Another great membership rewards program comes from Enfamil baby formula. Join Enfamil Family Beginnings for free to receive gifts worth up to $250 - this includes coupons, formula samples, and even checks for formula purchases in the mail. Formula isn’t cheap, so if you want to try it out this is an awesome way to do it for free.

2 Free Stuff

This website has free everything – coupons, samples, deals, discounts and gift cards! If you don’t like any of the free stuff they’re offering, then you can go ahead and make use of their awesome deals to save money on many items you use or to try out new brands for free.

The best part is that it isn’t restricted to just baby and mommy stuff – you can easily get free things for your partner, friends, family and pretty much anybody who you can think of!

If you just want baby stuff, head on over here.

1 Woman Freebies

It works like Free Stuff, except you get free things only for women and babies (sorry, men!). Here, you have free samples, coupons, and you even get a chance to register yourself in a sweepstakes! How cool is that? Here’s there link to coupons on baby items https://womanfreebies.com/category/coupons/baby-coupons/ and free stuff here https://womanfreebies.com/category/free-samples/kid/.

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