10 Best Free Learning Apps For Toddlers

With electronics being more abundant than ever, helpful apps come with the territory. And while many parents are scared of their kids interacting with social media, there are other apps that actually teach our kids things besides how many likes they get.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests kids ages 2 to 5 (ages 1 to three being toddlers) should only have one hour of screen time a day. The older a child gets, the rules can vary depending on the family. If a toddler is only allowed one hour of technology use a day, it's wise to make that hour count. With the help of these 10 free apps, your toddler can actually learn in a fun and educational way.

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Poptropica is the free app available on both iPhones and Androids. It has a 3.9 rating out of five stars in the app store. The premise of the app is to expand your toddler's imagination.

While hopping on the islands of Poptropica, your toddler will be able to create the guests on the island while completing different voyages. Your toddler will have an awesome time creating their own characters while winning prizes after completing missions!


What toddler doesn't appreciate a school of tropical fish swimming in front of them? With Fish School, toddlers can learn their numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with the help of some enchanting fish.

There are eight activities to choose from and can be downloaded on both Apple and Android products! This app has also been rated highly by those who've downloaded it, giving it a 4.3 out of five stars.


Phonics Ninja is just as cool as it sounds. It's a free app for children learning the alphabet. In a unique twist, the game shows a little ninja slashing away some of the letters to show kids how different letters make different sounds.

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But it's not all monkey see, monkey do. Kids will also need to slice away certain letters to make the correct sound in order to be rewarded. You can download this free app on Apple products.


Available on both Apple and Android products, Breathe, Think, Do is an app developed to teach children thinking skills. What should your toddler do in a situation?

What makes Breathe, Think, Do so lovable is it's based around Sesame Street characters. Instead of a toddler acting out on their feelings, this app teaches kids to realize what they're feeling, why they're feeling it, and how to react. These are very important lessons to learn while they're young.


There are a plethora of companies out there who are trying to increase kids' love for the sciences. And one way of doing this is with Science360.

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Toddlers will learn fun facts while being engaged through movies and real-life images. The app is ran by the National Science Foundation is updated weekly with new content and news for your little one.


What toddler doesn't enjoy Disney!? (And if they haven't been introduced to the greatness of Disney yet, then they're going to be thrilled with this app.) Disney Junior Appisodes is the free app can be found on both Apple and Android electronics. These "appisodes" aren't just for viewing — they're for interacting.

The characters on the screen will entice your toddler to shake, touch, and swipe (and more) their way through the ending. They're not just sitting in front of the TV zoning out, they're actually going on an adventure and learning with the characters.


Following Disney, PBS is another fantastic network for your child to become familiar with. With the free PBS Kids Games, toddlers get to play with their favorite PBS characters!

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They'll learn a variety of subjects and concepts, from math to shapes! The app has a ton of games for your child to play, so they're never going to get bored of the same lesson either.


Believe it! Your toddler is able to play with Legos without the risk of stepping on them or swallowing them! The Duplo Train allows your toddler to become the conductor of their very own train. They'll learn about what it takes to have this kind of responsibility while worrying about following directions, worrying about the passengers' safety, fueling the train and more.

Toddlers may find their own love for trains and cars, along with forming management skills at a young age! Think of this app like your toddler's first job (as frightening as that sounds)!


Peek-a-Zoo! is the adorable app where toddlers can learn more about animals. They'll be taken through the zoo where they learn what different zoo animals are, the sounds they make, the food they eat, and more.

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Toddlers will also need to learn how to pick up on their animals' emotions, which allows them to properly take care of them! Get it free on Apple products! Oh, and get ready for some adorable songs that will get stuck in your head.


Toca Doctor gives toddlers the chance to be a doctor for the day! Kids will be taken on quests to solve what's causing their patient pain. They'll also learn more about the human body while having fun. If your toddler resonates with Toca Doctor, doctors visits may just get a little less intimidating for your little one (which makes mom and dad's lives easier).

Toddlers will be able to wipe up scrapes, fit different bandages on the right shapes, take care of bad dental work, and handle red, itchy eyes! There's nothing your toddler can't do with the help of this app. Toddlers can play this now on Apple products — including iPads for a better handle on this fun game.

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