Free Summer Fun - Toddlers And Babies Edition

We’re spending the last few weeks of summer exploring our new hometown. Of course, we’re on a budget - and I’m always happy to find ways to enrich my kids’ lives and get out of the house. Mom life hack: leave the house and when you get back, it won’t be any messier than it was this morning!

Luckily, I found this awesome calendar - Macaroni Kids. Mine is local to my area, of course. It seems like an interesting way to make side income while also staying in the know, actually! The woman who runs my local page, Charlotte, has two young kids and has lived in the area for ten years.

Just last week there was a free touch-a-truck event at the local supermarket! Via YouTube

Of course, she’s in the know on local events that are exclusive to our area. But many of these carry over. I’ve seen them in some form in every town or city we’ve lived.

Toddler Time At The Library

Toddler Time goes a bit beyond story time. Of course, kids work on reading skills, but they also jam with instruments and dance to the beat. It’s a great way to work out those wiggles before lunch! Even better, the library is a fantastic resource for community happenings. Browse the announcement boards!

Summer Blockbusters Family-Style

Our local theater offers a family-friendly viewing once a week. Everyone 18 and under sees a free movie, adults pay $1. Lights aren’t usually as low, in my experience, and the sound isn’t quite so high. This is another morning adventure - ours is at 10 am. I like the idea of being able to take the babysitter to the movies for free, too!

Lunch Time Munchies

The mom who put this together gets ten mom stars. Great job, mom! Via Yummy Toddler Food

I know there are several resources in the area specifically catered to serve families throughout the summer. Churches, shelters, and daycares all offer extended or special summer hours. Shout-out to our amazing local library - they offer free lunch for anyone 18 and under, Monday through Friday, all summer long! I might even take my wiggleworm to story time if I know I can ply him with snacks afterward!

Farmer’s Market

Yes, this makes me such a stereotypical millennial mom. I don’t care - I’m embracing how #basic I am. Farmer’s Markets are typically free admission and offer lots of sensory experiences for little learners. Sometimes, I even find some produce that’s marked down or a few free samples for my toddlernado. Pro-tip: babywear or bring a navigable stroller if possible. So many folks doing the same with babies in tow can make for a crowded aisle sometimes.

Splash Pads

Let them tire themselves out running through the water! via Deseret News

I should warn you - this one might not go over well if you’re kid isn’t crazy about running through water. Mine isn’t, but he does like splashing in the puddles! Don’t forget to slather up the kids a bit before they go outside - and reapply according to your sunscreen’s directions.

It’s certainly not impossible to find summertime fun for your toddlers or babies! Does your city have a calendar like Macaroni Kid? Or maybe another resource for free events year-round? I can’t wait to try out a few of these myself! Try one of these each day and you've made yourself a busy and fulfilling week! 



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