"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Star Tatyana Ali Is Pregnant Again With Husband Vaughn Rasberry

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On Saturday, Tatyana took to Instagram to share the jubilant announcement. She began her caption by explaining she had been on a work trip and thought it was time she took a moment to capture her baby bump. She donned a simple, black dress boasting the magnificent belly of an expecting mother. Tatyana expressed the couple’s excitement and declared, “They say that every pregnancy is different and they ain’t lying. Phew!”



Ali and Rasberry, an associate professor of Literature at Stanford University, met on eHarmony in 2014 and wed in July 2016. Ali shares that it was her first time dating online and that the couple wrote letters for months before deciding to Skype. They exchanged vows in front of 120 guests at the Four Seasons. Tatyana wore a stunning, custom-made Amsale gown and the ceremony included Caribbean details to pay tribute to the bride's roots.The following September they were parents to Edward Aszard Rasberry.

Upon posting her first instagram pic of her precious newborn, Tatyana gushed, "When I kiss him in his sleep, soundly in REM, dreaming his baby dreams, he smiles and my heart explodes out of my body and into all of the space surrounding us," she gushed.Tatyana recalls seeing her son "move like a flash dancer" during her first ultrasound. "He made everyone in the room laugh out loud, including our doctor and technician," she wrote. "I guessed then my child would be spirited. I was right."

Ali played Will Smith's character's little sister Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and went on to star on shows such as Second Generation Wayans, The Young and the Restless and Love That Girl! as well as various movies such as Jawbreaker and Glory Road. Last year, she appeared in the Hallmark film Christmas Everlasting.

Although Ali has stepped out the acting spotlight, the Harvard graduate continues to play a leading role in public speaking. In 2019, Ali spoke on the "Black Girl Magic" panel at Black Girls Rock Fest, which the organization's Instagram page describes as "a global empowerment movement dedicated to inspiring, emboldening, and celebrating the awesomeness of women and girls of color." The actress also announced that she would be the keynote speaker at The Momference in May 2019, a "premiere conference for magical, millennial moms of color."

Ali states that whatever you wish to achieve - just put it in front of you. Seemingly, Tatana will be a paragon of inspiration to her children as well as a wonderful mother.

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