A Woman's Friend Delivers Her Baby After She Has Six Miscarriages

A woman just met her new little baby that was delivered by her friend who offered to be her surrogate after experiencing many losses.

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Erin Boelhower, 33, suffered from infertility and she went to her fertility doctor after a year of zero positive pregnancy tests. Erin found out that her left fallopian tube was infected and her chances of becoming pregnant naturally were very slim.  She turned to IVF treatment. Erin went through 9 IVF transfers with over 600 injections. She had miscarriage after miscarriage. The IVF treatments and resulting miscarriages occurred over a span of three years. Erin and her husband Matthew were becoming increasingly sad, but they refused to give up hope that they would one day become parents.

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After four miscarriages Erin's best friend, Rachel, gave her the best gift she could possibly give her. Rachel told Erin that she would happily be willing to be the surrogate mother to Erin's child. Erin couldn't wrap her head around the sweet offer. She initially said no, but after Erin suffered her sixth miscarriage she accepted the generous gift.

Rachel really wanted to help Erin, because Rachel dealt with infertility issues when trying to conceive her second child. Rachel is a mother of three children and when she wanted to have a second child it took her two years to be able to finally conceive. She had a small idea as to what Erin was going through and she wanted to help her. Rachel said that she would continually tell Erin that she wished there was something that she could do. She would just hold Erin and cry and feel helpless. Rachel said that she was in the shower one day and she was praying very hard to be able to figure out a way that she could help her friend. And then the answer just came to her that she could be her surrogate. Erin and Matthew raised $40,000 to cover the cost of the surrogacy agency, the fertility clinic, legal fees and also Rachel's medical costs. Rachel said it wasn't hard at all to carry her friend's baby. She knew the whole time that the baby she was carrying was not her's and she was so excited to be helping out her best friend.

Via Fox Valley Birth and Baby / SWNS

On September 19th, Rachel gave birth to Scottie, who weighed six pounds eight ounces, at Aurora Health Centre in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The most special part of the experience was that little Scottie was born on Erin's father's birthday who passed away in 2015 from stomach cancer. Rachel is simply an amazing and generous best friend. Not only did Rachel carry little Scottie for 9 months, but she is now pumping so that Scottie can be provided with breast milk. Nursing and pumping is very taxing and so that is an amazing thing to do for Erin and her baby Scottie. We want to congratulate Erin and Matthew on their new little addition and wish them the best of luck!

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