10 Baby Names For Fans Of Friends

Each new generation births a new group of Friends' fans. A show about a group of 20-somethings in New York during the 90s and early 00s, Friends somehow grows each year in cultural significance. Your baby likely will grow up in an era where the next generation of little kids will be just as obsessed as past generations.

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Given the continued millennial obsession with the lives of Joe, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Ross, and Rachel, you can also expect many of his or her classmates to have names inspired by the show's most popular characters. In case you need a refresher, here are 10 baby names for fans of Friends.

10 Paolo

Paolo was a minor Friends' character who dated Rachel Green. It was always clear that Paolo wouldn't be Rachel's end game. After all, he eliminated that chance when he tried to hit on Phoebe, Rachel's friend.

As Rachel Green's short-lived Italian boyfriend, his presence on Friends was minimal at best. He appeared throughout a few episodes of season one, and was later mentioned in a few followup episodes. But he was still around long enough to impact Rachel  and to also annoy Ross, her future on and off again lover.

9 Marcel

Marcel was Ross Geller's pet Capuchin monkey. Where most lonely men would seek refuge in their friends or perhaps, their dating life, Ross decided that an exotic animal would soothe what ailed him.

Marcel appeared mainly during season one of Friends, even though he was mentioned sporadically throughout the rest of the series. Later, during season six, Marcel returned and the audience was caught up on his glamorous, post-Ross life.

8 Ursula

Phoebe Buffay was roses and sunshine; her estranged twin sister, Ursula was the antithesis of that. Both sisters had a difficult upbringing (being adopted, then having their adoptive mom commit suicide) but Phoebe was who got the short end of the stick. Yet, Ursula's character development is what suffered.

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As a child, she treated Phoebe unfairly. As an adult she willingly kept secrets about their adoptive mom's passing from Phoebe, which could have helped her heal. She was also mean, unsympathetic and self-absorbed. Thankfully, Ursula's presence on the show was almost as minimal as Paolo's.

7 Gunther

Gunther was the manager of Central Perk, a favorite social spot for the core group of friends. A play on New York's famed Central Park, Central Perk served as a meeting place for several of the groups' informal meetings.

As the manager of the establishment, Gunther's presence on the show eclipsed some of the other minor characters. But he was treated mainly as comedic relief. His eternal place as an outsider among the group as well as his creepy, secret crush on Rachel Green inspired running gags throughout the series.

6 Phoebe

Phoebe Buffay was the friendliest, yet most peculiar member of the main six. She was known for her offbeat approach to life as well as her offbeat approach to singing.

Despite Phoebe's positivity, her backstory was tragic. After her adoptive mother died of suicide, thus splitting her up from her twin sister Ursula, she ended up on the street. Her time as an orphan impacted her perspective on life. She was never afraid to throw caution to the wind and go after things she believed in. It also equipped her with street smarts the other friends lacked.

5 Joey

Joey Tribianni was the main group's Lothario. Over Friends' 10 seasons, Joey's obsession with landing hot women was a long-running joke. His pickup phrase of "How you doing?" has become synonymous with his character.

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Joey was also a struggling actor, who eventually found fame as Dr. Drake Ramoray on a fictional soap opera. Despite being close with all of the group, Joey's closest relationship was to Chandler Bing, his roommate for most of the series.

4 Monica

Monica Geller was Ross Geller's type-A, chef sister. While she was kind and empathetic, she also had grating qualities, like her obsessive cleanliness and, also, her competitiveness. Many of Monica's characteristics were explained away by her difficult relationship with her parents and her body issues as a teenager.

Of all of the people in the group, Monica had the most organic connections to the group. In addition to being Ross's brother, she was also Rachel Green's best friend growing up.

3 Chandler

Chandler Bing was the group's resident funnyman. His sarcastic outlook on life fueled many of his decisions, but his jokes were mostly light-hearted. Despite Chandler's inability to maturely share his feelings, he eventually ended up married to Monica Geller .

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Of the main six, Chandler had the most high-profile job as a statistical analyst. While it granted him the most financial freedom, it also meant that he often picked up his friend, Joey's slack.

2 Ross

Ross Geller was a paleontologist, who also had a type-A personality. His story within the show started with him dealing with the aftermath of his wife coming out as a lesbian, then figuring out how to co-parent their son, Ben.

As the best friend of Chandler and Joey, he often lamented over his crush on Rachel Green, who eventually became his on-again, off-again lover.

Ross's approach to their relationship remains a divisive topic.

1 Rachel

Friends might have been an ensemble show, but watching it back, it's clear that Rachel Green was the central six's "it" girl. Her short, stacked layered haircut inspired legions of women to adopt the same style in the 90's.

Rachel's journey started with her ending her relationship with her almost-husband Barry before giving up a life of financial freedom in favor of finding her way in the world. She eventually moved in with Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay, who lived across the hall from Chandler and Joey.

Rachel's most significant relationship on the show, however, was with Ross Geller. Their relationship was marked by intense feelings, multiple breakups, and sometimes, immature retaliation. After a lengthy time apart, Rachel and Ross end up together, but not married, during the Friends' series finale.

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