10 Ways Friends Can Help A New Mom

When a friend has a baby, the first few months can be rocky for the new mom until she gets a hang of things and nails down a good routine for her and her little one. In the meantime, there are ways that we are able to help our friends who just had a baby.

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Sometimes the littlest of gestures can mean the world to a new mom. Not everything has to break our bank and cost money. Some things that we can offer to new moms are completely free and take just a little bit of effort and some of our time. Continue reading to see 10 ways friends can help a new mom.

10 Babysit For An Evening To Give Mom A Night Out

You can really help out a new mom by encouraging her to get out once and a while. You can offer to babysit her little one for a few hours while she goes out and does something for herself or with her partner. There is a good chance that your friend won’t have much time to practice some major self-care for quite some time, and being cooped up in the house all the time can drive anyone insane.

Even though it may be hard for mom to leave her little one for some time, ensure her that you will be on your best behavior and take excellent care of her precious bundle of joy. Knowing that her child is safe may help her ease her mind enough so that she can enjoy her time away from home.

9 Bring Some Extra Baby Supplies

New moms can never have enough baby supplies! And to be honest, babies aren’t exactly cheap either. So, it may be a good idea to help the new mom out and buy her some baby supplies.

Some things that she will definitely be needing in the near future would be diapers, baby wipes, formula if she formula feeds her little one, bottles and bottle tops, burp rags, and even baby clothing since babies tend to grow extremely fast. Babies can grow anywhere, on average, from 0.5 to 1 inch a month! The possibilities are honestly endless!

8 Stop By To Let Mom Nap A Bit

New moms don’t get nearly as much sleep as they should be getting in order to be sharp enough to care for a little human life 24/7. They are often pretty sleep-deprived. So, offering to come by and watch the baby for a few hours so mom can nap (or even get other things done) might be quite helpful and greatly appreciated!

This can be especially helpful if the new mom is a single mother, stay-at-home mom, or even if her partner works full-time.

7 Offer Support

Offering as much support as humanly possibly can be very beneficial to a new mom. It can get lonely and tiring having to take care of children sometimes. Let your friend know that you will be there for her as much as possible; especially while she is adjusting to life as a new mom.

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The first three months can oftentimes be the hardest after having a baby. We all need support sometimes, and this includes new moms. So, just let your friend know that you are there for her when she needs you to be!

6 Be A Listening Ear

Sometimes new moms, or moms in general, just need to vent. They aren’t always just calling to look for advice. Sometimes they need to get things off their chest. Let your friend know that you will be there for her and that she can call or text you any time if she needs someone to talk to or even just to vent to.

Offering support and being a person’s listening ear go hand in hand. You don’t always have to know what to say in response, either.

5 Run Some Errands... Free Of Charge

It can be a pain the butt to have to drag a newborn around with you for every little errand that needs to be run. So, if your friend has just had a baby offer to run some errands for the new mom every now and then -- free of charge of course! If you don’t have the gas explain that, but try not to ask for gas money in order to do running around for your friend.

You can offer to do little things like making a store run, going to the pharmacy, picking up dry cleaning, picking up fast food, or anything else that might have to get done. It will be incredibly thoughtful and helpful!

4 Help Out With Some Household Chores

Not many people like to clean, but offering to help out around your friends’ house after she has the baby can be completely helpful to a new mom. Offer to do little chores or tasks such as washing the dishes, washing and drying some laundry, sweeping or mopping, light dusting, taking the garbage out, or anything that you can think of that would be considered a household chore.

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New moms can’t always get to these things right away which can lead to chores piling up and becoming incredibly overwhelming. Any help you can offer is sure not to go unnoticed!

3 Help With Meals When Possible

If you want to be helpful to a new mom, you could try asking her if she wants you to cook her a meal or two while she is caring for the baby. You can either prepare things at your house to bring to the new mom as a surprise -- and since you are friends, you probably already know some of her likes and dislikes -- or even make a day of it and cook at your friends’ house for her.

Try to make enough so that there will be some leftovers for her to heat up. If you are not much of a cook, you can still help with meals by ordering some pizza or picking up some premade sandwiches.

2 Check-In With The New Mom

Moms seem to function on a whole other wavelength sometimes and can easily forget to call or text even her closest friends for days. If you haven’t heard from the new mom in a little while, try getting a hold of her and checking in with her to make sure that she is doing okay.

It is a small gesture that can mean the world. You don’t even have to call; you can start by sending a text message simply asking how she and the newborn are doing and seeing if she needs anything.

1 Just Ask Mom What She Needs Help With

If you are completely unsure about ways that you can help out a new mom, the best thing you could possibly do is ask her what she needs help with. Insist that you want to help with at least something even if it’s something small like bringing the new mom her favorite coffee if she is the type to usually decline help.

Not everyone feels comfortable asking for help sometimes. It can really let your friend know that you care about her, her newborn, and her wellbeing.

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